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Hello, Is it possible to get a commercial license for your models in order to print, finish and sell them with credit to you as the model design creator? Your work is lovely. Thank you either way :)


Hey there, I'm creating realistic, flexible print-in-place models without support. I'd love to show you some of them at my profile page.

Furthermore I have created a Patreon page with a membership for a commercial license. If you're interested, I would be happy to hear from you.

Hi there,
Love the Megan head design for the robot doll. Can I ask is this 1:1 scale and do you do the actual printing. I am hoping to buy the physical kit of the head.
If not and I buy the 3d file do you know a 3d print facility that can print this for me?

Thank you

Kind regards,


Mind regards

Hello thank you for following me it means a lot.

i have basic "no art pics that would ever be something to follow" acount page theres nothing to follow if you choose to do this then your a very board individual i would prefer you stopped this you come across like staulker please repsect my wishes go get a life dude

Hello zaider! 😃

Thank you so much for downloading "Heart Shaped Box"! I really hope you enjoy it!

I'd be very happy to see how your print turns out, so please don't be shy and share your make!

(If you share it on your socials, please be sure to tag : @randomizy.3d [FB / IG] ; @randomizy3d [Twitter / Tik Tok] so that I can see it!)

Don't forget to stay tuned for new models!

Thanks again for your support!

For any inquieries, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Check out my Instagram to see all of my works:

Also, if you like my work and would like to support me so that I can bring you new content, receive exclusive benefits and models, and you're interested in having a commercial license for selling your physical printouts of my designs (not files), please consider visit my Patreon page here:


Thanks for the follow. Love your content!

Hello, my name is Julian Prado, I am the founder of Behelit Digital Store 3D and I want to invite you to be part of my community. So, I have decided to give you 2 models of your choice from my catalog of 100. For this I will need you to send me your email so I can send you the download link. For my community I have planned to provide many interesting contents such as 3d design tutorials as also monthly raffles. I know you will like it. I hope to hear from you soon and see you shortly. I send you a big hug!!!

Is there a option to print the whole thing at once, or do you have to print in separate parts?

in the folder there is one that is a whole piece.

Do you have a recommendation on what doll bodies this will fit?

Hello! I'm interested in your M3GAN model. It looks GREAT! I have a weird request though, would it be possible to get a model of her head without hair? I'd like to use a wig on the model when I print it out.

yes i am working on a separate head so it can be used as a doll

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Awesome! I'll purchase it as soon as it is available!

The m3gan figure, is it just a file or is it already printed out ? Thank you .

Bonjour, est-ce que c’est possible que tu peux faire un Pascal Obispo

yes you can do it but it would be like exclusive work

Hello. I bought your great model from Wednesday, and I wanted to ask you for the stl of the body without the head with the complete elbows, since you have cut them so that the support is better, but I need it without the cuts as the complete model. As soon as possible please. Thanks

Hello. Can I sell the printed model? I'll pay you each time it sells and I'll credit you on my page. It should get you more business


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I am glad to have you here.

No reason to fallow me .tired of seeing your weak design pop up F,ck out of here LEVA

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que pasa mostro como vas?

Hello, I was purchaising the file and added to my basket a few hours ago as 2,5 euro but I think you increased the price.Can you set for me the price cheaper?I will buy immediately.
Thank you