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7 commentaires

Hi what price do u charge for designing models :)

Hi! what kind of designs do you want? I just can do the kind of things I have posted

Hey so Im trying to print this and nothing fits pieces are different sizes nothing fits the base. please review this download, maybe something got messed up but Id really like this to work so if you have a good set of files please send them to me. thanks

Hi, yes i just checked and there's a problem with this files, thanks for let me know! please send me your mail so i can send you the correct files

hola! es de una pieza o se puede imprimir cada parte por separado y luego encajarlas? para poder hacerlo por colores

Hola! sobre que diseño es tu pregunta? porque no lo veo, solo me sale la pregunta.

hi i dont think the email address you provided works, can you email me please,

Hi send me your mail adress

Good day! May iask about the Premium Catalogue you have for your STL files? How much is it and what are included. Thank you,

Hello, yes i can make stamps with that, please write me to my mail and send me photos of the designs you want

Hi Zafirah, i would to ask you if you can do stamp with scallop texture, spider nest, little leafs. Is that possible?