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Hi I don't suppose you have a terminator TX bust file thanks

Hello, I was just wondering what scale you modeled GALACTIC SECURITY SERVICE in? Any information would be greatly appreciated...

Will Radio Atmosphere print okay in FDM? Or is it Resin only? Thanks

bonjour peut on imprimer avec du filament .merci d avance

Hello, is the air officer also only available as a figure - without a turbine?

I hope you enjoy my painted version of your "gentle beast". Hope you can sent me some feedback.

que buenas figuras que tenes bro, te felicito! baje la de battletoad, puntazo...

Is this print in separate pieces or is it all one piece. I want to print on an FDM printer so would need it separated for it to print out ok. Thanks :)

Hello, I recently purchased the Bruce Lee Dragon model, however after printing it in multiple sizes (100%, 189%, 70&), I've noticed the same problems with each one (the arms simply wouldn't print onto the model, the bottom of the dragon's mouth/head would be extremely stringy, and the line going through the dragon's nose just doesn't print on the right side). I use the Ender 3, is it possible I should change some settings to make it better?

Is this print all one piece ? Cause the amount of supports needed if it is one piece would make this one hell of a difficult print so far as I can see

Hello there,

i just found your models and you immediatly went onto my top creators list. But as i just re-started painting after 30 years, and am completely new to the 3D printing thing, i am totally broke atm. Might need a month or 2 to recover...
But after that i will sure support your work on patreon. -- and thats the reason why i write you: you should really put a patreon link on your work. i had to search manually. It was not too hard to find you but this might not be the case for all the people. its an unneeded hurdle. and i would love to get more info on your patreon page about what models patreons will get immediate access to.. - you got some that i really want to print/paint as they do fit my long term goal. i would like to be able to decide if prefer joining the patreon first or or to buy one/some model(s) instead.
I am on pension and these investments are limited for me.

Anyways.. i already follow your patreon. Cant wait until i get my hands on some of these models.
Keep up the good work!
best regards,
franz boschanski

Hi Walades,

I recently purchased your amazing model, 'Alien Love' - I love it!

When I inspected it, I realised that there are some minor issues at the joins on each part which, will make joining each printed part a little problematic and will make each join a bit more noticeable than it could be.

I considered joining all parts together in 3D software.
Then, blend all the joins on the arms and legs to remove these noticeable joins.
And then, make new cleaner cuts to make these joins less visible.
But, my skill level is not great, unlike you! :)

So, I thought I would first ask you if you have the two 'Alien Love' figures as uncut, one piece models (before the legs and arms were separated)?
And if so, would you please make it available to me?

Thank you again for such a detailed and beautiful model - you have amazing skills :)


Buenas, tendras una referencia pintada de la figura "Never give up"?
Hi, will you have a painted reference to the figure "Never give up"?

Hi, I wonder what I get if I become a patron today. Can I choose witch best old model i want? Is it stl file I get? It is not clear in the patreon. What size? Presupported? Thanks

Greetings! Yes write to me I will send you any 3 models)

I didn't see your Patreon. Are you on some other site now?

Greetings! I wrote you an email

Hi there,a few days i ordered a bruce lee dragon print,but there are faults in it...not really funny is it possible to resend it to

Greetings! I apologize again! I sent you an email)

Hi, thanks my email is I choose Good cyber morning, daughters of anarchy and cyberpunk.

write your email

well there are three characters i would like but theres only one that ive myself cosplayed a few times and have not seen one sculpt of any of the three which is very surprising as i love both the movies and the character/s
they are 1) Kickass ,2) Hitgirl and 3) Big Daddy all from the kickass movie of course i would pay ;) price depending on details ;) i just would like to own my very own print of these three to display proudly once painted .. :)

Yes I can try to make a model based on your image

do you sculpt requests for clients ??