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Buenas, tendras una referencia pintada de la figura "Never give up"?
Hi, will you have a painted reference to the figure "Never give up"?

Hi, I wonder what I get if I become a patron today. Can I choose witch best old model i want? Is it stl file I get? It is not clear in the patreon. What size? Presupported? Thanks

I didn't see your Patreon. Are you on some other site now?

Greetings! I wrote you an email

Hi there,a few days i ordered a bruce lee dragon print,but there are faults in it...not really funny is it possible to resend it to

Greetings! I apologize again! I sent you an email)

Hi, thanks my email is I choose Good cyber morning, daughters of anarchy and cyberpunk.

write your email

well there are three characters i would like but theres only one that ive myself cosplayed a few times and have not seen one sculpt of any of the three which is very surprising as i love both the movies and the character/s
they are 1) Kickass ,2) Hitgirl and 3) Big Daddy all from the kickass movie of course i would pay ;) price depending on details ;) i just would like to own my very own print of these three to display proudly once painted .. :)

Yes I can try to make a model based on your image

do you sculpt requests for clients ??

well I will try), write mail, I will send the files later

I downloaded your T-14 Armata file. Trying to resize to 1/285th scale and getting a few errors with latest cura.. Can you update for a better print for that scale? Skirts were the main problem. Front to bar armor. Rear side Bar armor printed well.
Thanks in advance.

Hola, quería estaba interesado en saber si alguien imprimió la estatuilla de Bruce Lee con el dragón, que parámetros usaron y cuánto tiempo demoró? Es para tener una idea ya que me pidieron presupuesto y necesito saber esos datos antes de comprar y descargar el modelo

HI there. I am unable to purchase via the site. The payerID is not set and transactions cannot process. Is there another method to purchase? Really looking forward to buying your work! Thanks in advance, Greg



Do you take request for custom pieces?

Wow amazing file is in printer now looks great.

добрый день! да я могу любые модели порезать на части, зайдите на мой facebook)

at first your designed models are great!
I have printed your gentle beast now (FDM - Ultimaker 2+, Slicer: Cura, Model Size: 80%).
I think a better way for FDM prints is to have the model in several single parts. It's easier to print. Is this a possibility for some of your designs in the near future??

какие модели вам нужны, можете написать мне на почту