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Hi Tolgaxu, I would like to buy your gran collection of harry potter wands but I would like to ask you one thing, I saw that the file that comes is an STL or OBJ but I would need a file that I need to be able to modify with a program called 123D design to add battery slots and spaces for cables and LEDs. Would it be possible to receive the wands in a file format that is suitable for this purpose? Thanks for your time. Alessio

Hello, I don't know anything about that program you mentioned, sorry.

would it be possible to have the magic wands in a different extension? Such as STEP

I guess you can use an online converter for that STEP file. Just search for STL to STEP converter.

Your model of Severus Snape's wand looks very good but I wanted it in one piece. If you could add a 1 piece version to the download I would buy it.

One part file is included.

Hi i have a question i know you put in the description what settings to do but do you have anymore to put in to help when it gets to the top it starts to hit the wand and mess it up so if you have any ideas let me know please

Hello there, I think it's about your print settings.

I already purchased this and was wondering if I can sell these?

Hello there, sorry, my models are for Personal Use only. Thank you for being so thoughtful!

acabo de comprar el diseño de la varita de Dumbledore, mi consulta es el mango se debe imprimir hacia arriba o hacia abajo??

hello i just purchased one of your lotr swords and none of the files came in printable form, could you please point me in the direction of how to convert these please

Hello there, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. :/ All files are Stl and ready to print.

Hi I’m new to 3d printing could you tell me what printer you are using to make them?? As the wands look fantastic.

Hello there! I use Ender 3 pro for the wands :)

do you still print vertically with no support for the full wand?

You should add supports if you want to print them one part.

Merci pour ce travail , j'ai acheté votre STL , puis je vendre mes impressions de celui ci ?

Hello there!

My models are for Personal Use only. Thank you for your support and interest! :)

I respect your work and will therefore only make personal use of it.
Thank you

Hello! Can you please upload your wands to have version of full model? I Would like to print them fully (I have all the models) :D

Full versions of wands are included! :)

are these designs suitable for a cnc

I have no idea :/

I adore your Olivanders model - could you make a Weasley Joke Shop?

Hello there! Thank you so much! :) Maybe one day I will ;)

Hey, Thank you for the awesome models. I just bought Harry Potter Wand, but it's too large for my Ender 3. Do you maybe have a version that's more evenly split? Thanks

Hello there! Can you send me an e-mail, please? I can split it for you! :)

Hello, I am wanting to DL your Godric Gryffindor sword, but I cant tell if there is a hole through it to put additional support once it is printed and ready for construction. Is this part of the print? Or will it just be glue holding it together once put together? I don't want to buy it if there is no way to put a dowel in for support when I build it.

Hello there, sorry, there are no such holes in the model.

Good afternoon,

I just bought SIRIUS BLACK WAND - HARRY POTTER and inside the zip file there is only the .obj, there is no STL.

Hello there, you can use an online OBJ to STL converter. If you can't do it just send me an e-mail and I will send the files! See you! :)

I purchased your Elven Flying Fox Citadel model, but I am unable to use it in PrusaSlicer or repair it with FormWare’s online stl repair tool. Can you help.Thank you.

Hello there, could you send me an e-mail? I will send you the STL file :)

hello, i am trying to print this Gryffindor Sword, everything about it is great so far, but file 4 seems to be corrupted and it wont fit on the print bed, i tried redownloading it several times to make sure it wasnt on my end. I am wondering if i can get another file 4 thatll work. thank you!

I’m looking to buy & print your design: ARAGORN SWORD ANDURIL - LORD OF THE RINGS
Do you know if your tallest part of the print will fit and print on the Ender 3 Pro?
Thank you in advance, hope to hear back from you soon!

Hello there,
I think I adjusted the model for ender 3 printers. If there is a long piece, let me know.
I'll cut it into 2 pieces and send it to you. :)
See you!

Hi Tolga! I could be wrong but did you use to have the Thorin Belt buckles as well? I seem to remember you had those but I cant find them. I hope to hear from you soon!

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Hello there! Yes, I've made that model, too! :)

Where do you buy the lights???


J'ai acheté le fichier baguette Harry Potter il étais stipulé fichier entier dans le dossier sauf que j'ai 1 fichier avec les deux pièce

Hello there,
Can you write this in English, please? Thank you.

Pourriez vous me dire si vous acceptiez que j'imprime votre modèle en couleur unie et que je puisse proposer à la vente.
Merci d'avance pour votre retour;
Cordialement Melle Marechal

Bonjour. Malheureusement, je n'autorise pas la vente de mes modèles. Merci pour votre compréhension.

My batman model I downloaded is corrupt. It is wanting to print without any layers in his head. I would send you a photo of this issue but I cannot attach a photo. feel free to email me at thank you

Hello there,

I saw your email and replied! ;)

hey i bought your griffindor sword 3d model but its in separates pieces but in one stl. so i can’t print it on my ender 3 in full size cuz when i try to scale it its too big even if it isn’t too big for my printer at all. is it in any way possible to have all pieces of the sword separately?