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Is it possible to scale the model down to fit a smaller sized printer such as a Ender 3

I have no idea what model you are asking about. Please ask on the model page, not here.

Please do not ask questions here. Ask under the design you're inquiring about.


Very interested in your creations
do you plan to publish the stl of the main gear of the bronco?
or could you send them to me?
do you plan to publish a manual for the assembly??
what are the characteristics of the spring?

The main gear is made from steel, not plastic. I bent and brazed parts together.

It's been so long since I built the plane that I don't remember the spring and stuff like that. :)

Ok, and BTW, it's better to ask in the comments under the plane.


Please ask in the comments under the plane page so I know which design you're talking about and so that the comments help others that may be wondering the same thing.

Hello I'm attempting to model the Marui Big Bear in Fusion 360 and I dont have the actual kit. I was wondering if you could share any of your step files. Or anything else. Thank you! - Rob

Hello there,

I bought EL-39 plane sometime ago on Cults.
I have seen that there are updates, but I can't download them, unless I buy it again...

What's wrong?!

It should be available in your "downloads" page when you click your profile image. If not I suggest you contact Cults as I don't control this.

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I checked on my downloads page and there's nothing. Like if I never downloaded anything.

Thanks a lot, I will contact them.

BTW, congrats for the awesome project!

any plans to produce a 90mm EDF version of this ?

What plane are you talking about? It's best if you ask under the page for the model in question instead of here at the general message page.

i am talking ab out the EL-39

Ok. I don''t plan to. It's more likely that I'll make a bigger version.

Hello, is there a way to get more details about this jet before I purchase it, for example recommended filaments types, needed total filament weight, bill of material, etc. Hard to purchase before I understand what I am getting into. Thanks


Do you take custom requests? I am looking for a blackhawk and apache that can fit the blade 230 and OMP M2. It would be great to be able to scale these up/down. I also have a Blade 120 that would like to add the custom shell to.

Sorry, no. I only make what I want to build myself and then make it available if it's ever finished. :)

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Well in that case I hope you like f4 phantoms hahah!

I would like to see the BOM before purchasing, is that possible?

ok merci retractation is in travel in cura

what is it the vase mode

Vase mode means printing without retraction and without interruption. I don't know what it's called in Cura.

It is "Spiralize Outer Contour" in CURA. Under Special Modes

For the Badger, I know you don't offer the parametric files but what about a neutral files (STEP) so that we can make our own modifications? Working with the STL files is painful but not impossible.

I have already modified the upper chassis brace to put the shock mounts in double shear.


Can I resize to edf 70mm or 64mm?

Resize what?

the size of plane that suitable with edf become 70mm or 64mm

I don't know what plane you're talking about. You need to ask in the comments under the plane in question.

sorry. i already put the message under the plane.

How durable/reliable is the 120mm EDF that is included in the files for the L-39? Are there any special printing directions for it?

I just started printing the L-39 and I am stuck on Fuselage05.
layer 135 prints in mid air when set to 0 infill and 0.4mm for wall with 1 parameter . I am currently on Cura 4.11.0. Please let me know me know how to fix this problem and also which slicer did you use?

Is that where the ledge starts? It should be adding top layers there in preparation for the next part and build up a ledge over 5-6 layers. The first layers around the rim won't be perfect off course. If you need more top layers to buld a ledge there then add some more. I use Simplify3D.

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Thank You very much I see it now and is it the same case with fuselage02 where the door holes are? It kind of starts to print in mid air as well?

I have another question? Have you tried printing with 2 parameter at 0.4mm line width? If you have, what is the difference in weight printed at 1 parameter at 0.4mm? I am currently trying 1 parameter 0.4mm line width and 0.25mm layer height.

On Fuselage02 it will also build top layers as necessary. If it makes a bit of a mess on the inside of the part before it manages to create a surface isn't a problem.

2 perimeters will be too heavy if you use that on these large parts. You can use 2 perimeters on the most forward nose pieces if you like but most of the plane needs to have 0,4 mm walls or you will need to add extra nose weight and will just make it unnecessarily heavy.

Thank you so very much. This is very useful information as this is my first build at this scale. Do you by chance have a build video that I could follow? and also what do you think about the 120mm edf from hsdjets? It's a 640kv and it makes 8.6kg of thrust on 12s

I am using an Ender -7 printer with Creality Slicer 4.8. I have successfully printed and assembled the fuselage using the settings you've provided. Unfortunately I have not been successful in printing either the Wing 01-03 or the Aileronwing-wing01 & 02. Each time the printed material at some point fails to adhere properly resulting in "spaghetti" on the affected side and I have to stop the printing. I don't know what to do. I have tried different Brim and Raft settings as well as Grid support etc. I have varied the infill from 0 to 10% but am concerned about going higher because of weight considerations. Should I use a different slicer program, or what settings should I use (please be very specific) I look forward to your advice as I have wasted almost an entire spool of PLA thus far.

I assume you're talking about the Baby? It's best to ask under the plane page on Cults so I know what model you're talking about, and to keep the help where it's needed for others readong.

It sounds like your print nozzle is crashing with the wing at some point and knocking it free from the bed. Try adding Z-hop of 0,4 mm for the parts that have this problem.

I tried Z-hop without any better results. Each time I try to print Aileronwing Wing 01-03 using a raft for stability, varied infill from 0 to 50, I get about 1/3 of the wing printed and then "spaghetti". Please provide me with detailed settings that will allow me to successfully print the wings. Thanks.

I don't have an Ender 7 so I can't give you settings that will work guaranteed.

I just printed Wing01 flaps on my JGAurora printer with the following settings:
0,3 mm extrusion width
1 perimeter
0,12 mm layer height
3 bottom layers and 9 top layers
225°C nozzle
50°C bed
25% cooling fan
0% infill

Hi I am 3D printing the Baby Pilot and am confused by
-0-80 mm: Single perimeter, 2 bottom and 0 top layers.
-80-154 mm: Single perimeter, 6 bottom and 6 top layers.
-154-top: Single perimeter, 0 bottom and 0 top layers.
Does this mean I must print the same file three different times with different top and bottom layer settings?
Thanks in advance for your response to me at

No. It's how you set up good slicers like Simplify3D with different processes for the different heights to achieve best result. Simplify 3D can have different print charactereistings at different points of the print.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, I’m thinking download your plane, does it fit in a Ender pro ?
Can I convert to a turbine?

I don't know which plane you are talking about but I assume El-39? Ender pro is too small. It's best to ask in the comments under the plane you're asking about.

Hi, I really like your designs, especially the RC planes. I recently set up a marketplace specifically for 3D printed RC. I wondered if you might be interested in having a look, it would be great to have your models join us on the site. Its at

All the best,


Hi. I've been thinking about it, but I make more than just RC things and don't like updating several sites when I change a model.

Can this be scaled down? I don't have many flying locations that can handle a plane this large but like the concept. I am looking to see how well it will scale down for a 70mm (58.33% of 120mm) EDF.

Thank you problem solved

Hallo zusammen,
ich kann die Datei Hstab01 und 02 nicht korrekt drucken. Das Modell ist nach dem Slicen (Prusa 4.4.2 und Cura 12) in der äußeren Schale segmentiert und zerfällt in zwei Teile.
Mit freundlichem Gruß aus Cottbus
Klaus Markula
Hi, everyone,
I cannot print the file Hstab01 and 02 correctly. After slicing (Prusa 4.4.2 und Cura 12) , the model is segmented in the outer shell and divided into two parts.
With kind regards from Cottbus
Klaus Markula

That happens when the extrusion width is too wide. Cura isnt' a great slicer for planes as it can't set the extrusion width independent of nozzles if I remember correctly. I haven't used Cura in years.

Try cheating by setting the nozzle size to 0,35 mm.

Thank you problem solved