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I’m sorry I walked away from my computer I was looking and doing so much on my computer I forget which design I was messaging you about but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with a doll crib or some kind of doll furniture that you had designed.

must be a long time ago
i dont remember such design

Hi there
I'm looking to print these up and use them with something else that I sell. I wanted to ask if you allow that or if this strictly for personal use? thank you in advance

these... what are these?

I have a problem with your twistedball2.STL. I tried twice to print it on my Enders 5 printer. I used their software to create the gCode file. After building the base, it crumbled after just a couple minutes. I am using PETG that cane with the unit. I have printed a few designs so I know the setup is basically correct. Any ideas?

Hello sir I downloaded one of your images and used it on a website, licensed under CC-BY-SA Share-Alike 3.0 hope it's not a bother

I have downloaded your beehive 3 and love it. The model is either the honey comb or the honey comb with bees. Do you have just the bee model available for download? Ive printed and cured the honey comb but i want to print the bee separately as its so fragile.

hola queria hablarle para q me hagas unos diseños, disculpe la molestia