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Dear Cults3D Buyers,

Greetings from the world of 3D modeling! I am your 3D model creator, specializing in crafting intricate designs that are not only visually appealing but also available in various formats to suit your needs.

I take immense pride in presenting my diverse collection, from detailed One Piece resin models to elegant Fan Shape Shells, versatile Door Bell Frames, exquisite Oyster Shells, and charming Seashell designs, perfect for celebrating Valentine Week in 2023. Additionally, I offer a Cricket Set for enthusiasts of the sport.

Explore the world of possibilities with my 3D models, available in .stl, .obj, and 3mf formats. Whether you're looking for keychains, jewelry pieces, gadgets, tools, or even unique sea shell creations, you'll find something to captivate your imagination.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your projects and creations with these exceptional designs:


    • Dive into the world of One Piece with this captivating resin model: View Model

    • Embrace the beauty of nature with this elegant Fan Shape Shell: View Model

    • Elevate your home decor with this stylish Door Bell Frame: View Model

    • Discover the intricate details of this Oyster Shell masterpiece: View Model

    • Celebrate Valentine's Week with these charming Seashell designs: View Model

    • Cricket enthusiasts, gear up with this detailed Cricket Set: View Model

I invite you to explore my portfolio and witness the craftsmanship that goes into each of my creations. Download, print, and bring your ideas to life with these 3D models.

Thank you for choosing my designs, and I look forward to being a part of your creative journey.

Warm regards,

Great bear hunting stl file, thanks very much for posting it. I was trying to find out where and when this scene was located, and guessed maybe in Scandinavia (?) and about what century (~12th century AD?) Great detail, thanks again!

versace model is not downloading

Do u have any videos of yours basrelief creations?

Thanks for all your content. You really provide a lot of great work.


D abord bravo pour ce que vous faites comme designs..c'est vraiment des chefs d oeeuvres.
Et merci encore pour le partage gratuit de ces beaux modeles.
Mais j ai pas Compris ce que vous voulez dire par produit de haute qualité et non pas un model pret à l emploi..
Faut il une imprimante de haute qualité. un filament special ou autres..

The stl file "Archangel_Michael.stl", is sold at ebay and it has the same problems: "non-manifold-edges". Can't be used for 3d printing without repair.

Débutante dans l'impression 3D, j'aimerai savoir s'il est possible de transformer un fichier STL pour CNC en fichier STL normal pour imprimante 3D Creality Ender 3 V2?
Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée.



I'd like to make and sell one of your images. Is this possible and if so what type of licence fee would it be?

Kind regards


I was wondering if you did commission work?

Hi there. I really like your work. I am a 3D printer owner and I would like to use some of your free models to 3D print and sell the print after. Could you please contact me at

I would like to print one of your designs for a Christmas present, but it is not print ready. What do I need to do to be able to print it?
I love your designs, you do amazing work. Thank you.

First of all, thank you for your work ! Fabulous !
I have question concerning your copyright policy ?
I m a non-professional (for the moment) wood objects maker and would like to know if it's possible to use for free your 3d designes for objects i would like sold on etsy or other online shop in the future ?

Thanks a lot !!


Hi there. I really like your work, I am a cosmetic packaging artist and I would like to use one of your free models as part of a design for a bottle...This product will be re-sold...

please contact me @

Hi there. I really like your work, I think it's amazing. I am a jewellery designer and I would like to use some of your free models as part of my designs and sell the Jewellery after please.

Hi there,my name his Martin and i realy like your fills,i'm doing a lots of your fill in hard or soft wood on my cnc . For now i'm have to do all my door frames ect...and i'm doing some top corner of each doors and windows reunite by baseBoard that i design my self .Bc i have to make evaluate my houss so i can get a bit more money to built my garage so i appreciate very much that you put your design stl for free ,it is a big help bc i have only a month 1/2 to do all so a very big thanks for all that .For sur i will show you everything that i'have done when it'll be done and in between if you what you can go see in my creation page on FaceBook a lot of stuff that i'have design my self or not .....Création Galichax .....Many thanks ! B\R

I was wondering, if you could tell me, what software you use.
Thank you in advance.

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Just wanted to say that I admire your work! It's truly amazing.
How one can learn to make such beautiful art? Could you share a little tip where to start to be able to make such stunning reliefs?


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