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Hello, I purchased the Articulated Flamingo and the leg keeps popping out. The ball and socket doesn't work too well because the ball of the leg joint is not a complete ball and one of the three socket wall seems weak to hold the leg ball. Is it possible to redesign the leg so it is a full 360 ball so I can print it with supports.


Hello, i bought a ARTICULATED SCORPION and wish to know, how did you made dark color on the back claws and spine of a yellow scorpio? Did you paint it(if yes-with what) or if it's another filament ,how?
Thank you ^^

Hi, I painted the scorpion with acrylic paint

Hi Rogi! I just wanted to let you know someone is selling your bearded pumpkin skull STL file on Etsy. Their shop is called The3DSTLStore.

Hi, thank you very much for letting me know, I'll check it out

Hello sorry to bother you I purchased the Viper skeleton roughly 8 minutes ago and was trying to view the STL files and the head STL file came up with an error code and will not load
Error code 0x80004005
Please help🙂

Hi, is this model really my design? Because I have two models which are the skeleton dragon and the snake.

Curious if the Medusa head prints okay if it's enlarged?

It prints yes, it can enlarge.

Thank you very much for your beautiful models.
I can ask, how do you give the texture of a model for printing? Similar to the green dinosaur skin you designed.


Textures are modeled in a modeling program.

fantastic print, my grandboys are going to love it, what color brown filament did you use ty


What design are you talking about?

hedgehog, prints really nice

Hi, it was a generic rainbow filament

Hi, I bought hedgehog.Where and what size eyes can you buy?
Aliexpress? Pls link.

Thanks br Zsolt


The hedgehog's eyes were painted with acrylic paint.

I don't understand how you painted it, because her eyes are hollow or concave, not convex..

But you can paint :D

Hello Sir. I came across your bearded skull design after seeing it posted on FB. I run a print shop that produces items for the RC crawler industry. Curious if you do freelance work or license your designs?


If you want to sell our printed templates you can get a commercial license here


Thanks for letting me know I will report.

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Hi, could you tell me the size of the eye and perhaps a place where I can buy it?

Hola quiero comprar la descarga del t rex pero no me deja hacer el pago

I didn't understand

Hola buenas tardes, consulta lleva soporte el gorila ? en la parte de la pera me refiero, ya que se me hace que esa parte va a imprimir en el aire sino

Hi, all of our designers are designed not to use supports. You can print smoothly without supports

I really enjoy the bearded skulls, I see you have more on Patreon, if I sign up on Patreon will I have access to all of them? Or is there a way to buy them individually like you sell here on cults3D.

you can only get the skulls on patreon

I made the spider but it won't turn out pretty. How can I solve this problem in the middle on the stomach and head? I've tried all the settings you specified. Nothing works.

This is a filament printing configuration, there is no way around it, the most you can do is decrease the height of the layer
recommend 0.1

I’m still pretty new to printing. We just got the silk pla dialed in, but the ball joint snapped where the head connects. Do you have any suggestions? I did 10% infill, 4/5 top/bottom layer, and I do think I missed the 4 walls/shell count. Pretty sure I accidentally left it at my normal 3. Is that more than likely what did me in? Thank you! Beautiful print when I had it all out together

which model are you talking about?

we have the flashforge 3 when i put the design in its to big what are the sizes for for the moving mouth one.... sorry if this sounds silly but we're new to this

which model are you talking about?

а в какой программе я смогу тело разложить по частям? у меня не становится тело на стол... я думал тут детализация раздельно как показано на фото перед покупкой!!!

which model are you talking about?

Добрый день ! Купил articulated-skeleton-snake файл битый HEAD.stl поврежден

Hi I just confirmed and the file is opening normally

Where are the top jaw teeth for the crocodile?

Hi the file name is like teeth

Hallo ich habe das Problem das bei mir der Boden vom Ei nach dem Druck nicht sauber hält haben sie evt einen Tipp obwohl mein Drucker sehr gut gelevelt ist

Hi I always configure the slicer for 4 initial layers

Is it possible to get the Baby T-Rex and egg as two separate parts so the baby dinosaur can be printed in multicolour on a Bambu printer?

Hi, you don't need to separate because you can print everything together

That only works if you want to print it in single colour. I purchased this file to print in multicolour on a Bambu but the model cannot be painted in the slicer as required. If the inner model is supplied separately it can be overlaid with the egg and printed.

Hey i bought the spider STL and have problems with the print.
The last part of the legs don't fit. They constantly fall out as if they are to small.
The rest fits perfect.

Hi, what filament are you using and the settings I recommend are these
Layer height - 0.15 / 0.2
Wall Line Count - 4
Infill Density - 8%
Print Speed - 30.0 / 40.0

I really love the teddy bear. Do you make these? I love the filament color. How much are they?

Hi, this model was painted


First of all i like your designs they are very good but i have a problem with the dinosaur egg, when the print is at 50% it fails when the nozzle leaves the egg shell and it prints in the air. what can i dp to fix this?
Kind Regards

Hi, the settings I recommend are these
Layer height - 0.15 / 0.2
Wall Line Count - 4
Infill Density - 8%
Print Speed - 30.0 / 40.0

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