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can I ask what software you make you models in they are very impressive

Id like to buy the articulated armadillo lizard but we only have a resin printer, will your file work with this format?

Hello, I have problems with the files, it gives me an error when opening them with the 3d software (cura and PrusaSlicer)

Hi, which model are you having a problem with?

the body loaded and printed fine


What is the version of your Cura?


I can send you images by mail. I tried with previous versions of cura and it gives the same error: the file could be corrupt or inaccessible

I don't know why this is happening to you. Did you buy this Crocodile model a long time ago?
Send the photos to our email

if i become a patreon sub can i always sell the models i buy off of cults?

Hi, you can sell the printed pieces as long as you are my patron, if you leave you lose your commercial license.

If I become a patreon and I buy an older print from Cults or CGTrader, is that print covered in the commercial license (can I sell the print I buy as long as I am a patreon?)

Hello, that's right. If you become a patreon you can sell the print of any of my designs :D

Thanks for the response

ARTICULATED HANDS was free couple of days ago. Why does it cost money now? Glad i saved the file.

к сожалению и там не принимают наши карты. А есть какие то русские сайты чтоб купить или у вас только на таких платформах выложено? Пейпал тоже не проходит. Например напрямую на кошелек или карту например перевод, а вы мне модельку?

Здравствуйте. Я бы очень хотела приобрести у вас модель, но карту не принимает программа. Как то напрямую возможно купить ее у вас?

Hi, you can buy here too

Hey, Rogi!

I purchased this file to print and would love the opportunity to sell my print on my etsy shop. Please get back to me, Thank you!


Thank you very much for your interest, you only become my patron and you have access to a commercial license to sell my printed models.

Here you have access to my Patreon

Hi, I just bought the model but seeing it I can't do it because it's too big. Could I get a refund?

Hi! Can you tell me the best way to connect the tail to the body so as not to break anything?

Hi, We recommend 4 to 5 for the number of fillets on the wall, for those who are going to print the body separate from the tail to give resistance when fitting the tail to the body.

And here's a video showing how to fit the pieces together if you're going to print the Crocodile with the flexible mouth.

when i print the lizard the tail comes off in the same place every time :/

Hi, did you reduce the size of the model?

Hi, no I put the original size, but I think it breaks when I detach it at the end

Would you be able to create a straight version of the centipede and snake skeleton in order to make on belt printers?

The ribs file for the articulated skeleton snake keeps erroring out at 85% with the two slicing programs I've used. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi, which slicer do you use?

Please fix the HEAD.stl of the snake skeleton because it can't be opened with MS 3D Builder or Ideamaker and it can't be repaired by Netfabb service using Prusaslicer.
Thank you

Hi, thanks for the message. I don't know what went wrong for you, because it was the only one that had a problem with the files. I made some changes but I don't know if it will solve your problem, you must have received an email with the change made and you can download the file again.

Bonjour, j'avais télécharger ce fichier il y a quelques jours, je m'aperçois que le crocodile avec la mâchoire amovible n'est pas utilisable avec cura.
Serait il possible de le mettre au bon format ?


Hi, what is the version of your Cura?


I don't know why this happens, I use Cura and I can open the files normally. Send me your email and I'll send you the files without being zipped.
thank you so much

I did an update yesterday, you must have received an email from Cults3d with the STL files

can you print it pre assembled or does everything have to be separate?

what model are you talking about?

здравствуйте! скажите пожалуйста,есть ли какие то способы оплаты иные? я из России и к сожалению теперь не могу произвести оплату с пэйпал или карты моего банка(

Hi, unfortunately I don't know, try sending a message to Cults3D to see if they help you

hey i bought this but gives me no option to print the jaws so they can there all fixed

im wanting the jaws to move

Hello, there are two types of head one that is fixed and the other comes on top and the teeth are separated.
Take a look at this video

those files are RAR i cant open

you don't have Winrar installed to unzip files?

i was going to make this for my grandson he loves alligators if id known i could get the one with the mouth that opens i would not have bought this

didnt know i had to have it never had issues before

Send me your email and I'll send you the separate files

im waiting

What is your email?

you just sent me a email

i think it was from cult3d

it's not from cults3D it's from rogistudios, what's your email?

i have already posted it 2 times in here

can you not see it?

still havent got them

I need an email to send you the link for you to download the files

hey ive sent you my email 3 times already

if you sent it here, your email did not appear for me

send me a message to this email and I'll send you the download link

hey man so i downloaded the files but cant open some of the ones for the crocodile because they are RAR files and cant open on cura

Hi, did you manage to extract all the stls and after extracting them you couldn't open them in cura?

same issue here

Bonsoir. J'aimerais savoir si votre CROCODILE GÉANT ARTICULÉ, vous l'avez imprimé avec une bordure? Est-il nécessaire? Merci d'avance pour vôtre réponse. Cordialement.

Hello, if you're talking about a border to help it adhere to the table, I didn't use it, in the tests I did, I didn't use a border or supports

Ja habe es neue geladen die Datei ist jetzt in Ordnung.


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Hallo ich habe das Flexible Crocodile runter geladen. soweit alles gut. Nur warum ist die Datei wo das Krokodil das flexible Maiul hat eine RAR Datei und keine STL Datei?

the file is compressed, just unzip it and the stl files will appear.

Hallo wenn ich das Crogodil Scalieren möchte, wie Scaliere ich dann das Maul und die Zähne vom Kopf so das es passt??
ich möchte es in der Größe haben das es genau auf mein Druckbett vom Artillery X1 passt der hat die Druckbettgröße 300X300


Hi, what slicer do you use? I use Cura e Simple. You just add all the files inside the program, the body, mouth and teeth then you select them all and put them in the scale you want. Did you understand?