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I want to congratulate you because you are really good. I bought two models and they are very beautiful. Only problem, the helmet of the flint & steel soldier. I find the helmet too small, it looks more like an English style bowler hat !!! MY CONGRATULATIONS, Emilio Wolfshade

Thank you!

Now, an English Bowler hat was not really the goal, so how much do you think the helm needs to be bigger? :-)

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Helmet should be less flat on the tip, more round and cover a little more on the ears. Maybe you should look at some photos of the American helmet. I forgot, the submachine gun must be a little smaller because it is slightly out of size compared to the character. I solved by decreasing the print size. Thank you and good job soon I will buy more pieces!

hello, I want to buy this file,(stormtrooper) but the weapon that is free and is apart, is very very large, and when reducing the scale, the details are lost, I have bought you more files, and this did not happen, the weapons and accessories are perfect, because this is so?is wrong?thanks

Thanks so much Berek for alarming me of this, turns out i uploaded the wrong file in my haste :-) The actual file is online now!

Perfect, thank you very much, these files are perfect! Greetings

Hi, I love your work, I bought the plague Doctor and the Tintin one and they look amazing. And the description is very funny hahahaha
I would like to ask you, can I sell the parts to some friends? Regards, Ana

Hey Ana, you can sure help out your friends, but if you have bigger plans that involve online resale its best to contact me first to work something out ;-) printobilsales AT gmail DOT com

Excelente trabajo, muy buenos diseños. Que programa utilizas para hacer estos modelos tan impresionantes? yo estoy empezando a customizar mis Playmobil y me gustaría aprender a hacer algo parecido. Gracias

i use blender, it's free and as far as 3d modelling software goes easy to use


Your models are realy good :)

When i download your free stl "BOLTGUN for WAR MARINES", I get a 0 octet file. I can't open it.

Is there a problem ?


Thanks for your reactivity :)

This time it was really fast :-) Thank you for your compliment!

more, more, more

sure, more is certainly to come, any wishes?

Hola me gustaria contactar con usted de alguna forma. Gracias

hello I am looking for army equipment thank you

hello I am looking for army equipment thank you

You're work is amazing. I am wondering if it's possible for you to create a french military police officer (foot, torso and helmet) ?
Of course I will pay for the work.
Thanks for your answer.

yes, that is certainly possible, please drop me an email with some reference photos and we can discuss it further

printobilsales AT

Good afternoon, I would love something of actual soldiers, with helmets, weapons, bulletproofs, backpacks, etc.

Hi, the bolt gun is not available for download :S

aimant beaucoup ce que vous faites des armures t'elle que celle des stormtrooper ou sandtrooper ferait un taba !!!!

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Coming soon :-)

and its online! :-)

PM Possible

printobilsales AT

j'aime beaucoup votre travail j'ai justement acheter le fichier warhammer , je voudrais savoir si vous pourriez faire du star wars ?

of course, what star wars character would you prefer best?

A new part

Bonjour, je cherche à faire réaliser un modèle

Bonjour MCLeod, sure we could, what model would this be, is it a full character or a specific part?

A new part

okay, and can you link an example of what you where thinking off, if i can find a customizer package to integrate it in it will be easiest.

if not, i can work on it on commission too!

Hi friend. I love the spanish inquisitor. You print too? Thanks

Oh, thanks!

yeah, i print too. Probably all the sets you can find here will become available through Etsy as well in the next few days. For now i only quickly dropped the Warmarine pack there!

Hello Printobil

I like this very much! Is this printable with a FDM Printer, because the wall thickness?
Do you plan other designs? Maybe a closed coat, like a soldier from warhammer 40k?

Best regards

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Hey Stu;

Honestly, I don't know whether every part is achievable on an FDM printer; i prototyped this with a resin printer (Phrozen 4k Mini/Phrozen 4K Resin). The coat particularly is very thin on the sides (the rotating arms leave little room) It prints with resin that way but it kind of starts to get a bit translucent in two spots.

The legs and wigs should be no trouble though, the sleeve ends will print too, just don't know how the finest detail holds up.

And yes, I plan it as a series of themed packs. A Warhammer40K pack is a great suggestion, btw! And it think its close to what i set out, which is to add some more wild fantasy, history and life style options.

Hello Printobil,

many thanks for your response. That sounds good, what else you have planned. I'm very excited. The coats are not very thick on the original. I will try your design soon anyway.

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Hello Printobil

Do you think a coat like this is possible:

(Without bags and chain)

To pull over to a regular body.

I have seen similar things printed in resin but as bodypart, i like it wearable like your designs.

Cool links you got there.

And such a coat is possible as an overcoat part. I rather don't touch body, innenteil and arm parts, its difficult to get those really printed so the figure still works 1:1 mechanically, and i also guess that is where Playmobil could have some patent sensitivities - totally justified btw.

I would just need to find a good character to fit such coat on that is not explicitly military.

Indeed, i tried several body printings, selfmade also... the accuracy of fit is not good.

The reason i like your style so much.

Aside from character parts, I print buildings, ships and actually everything that can be added to Playmobil. Some stuff i added here :
It's not up to date, i'm not that social media guy :/

Maybe a Mafia theme for the coat?

that's some cool stuff on your instagram :-) And it just goes to show how many chances PLAYMOBIL missed, instead of spending yet another few million on molds for an almost identical camper or fire truck than the previous one, they should have invested in a bit more fantastic designs... amazing that they did the zeppelin for Novelmore in that regard...

What's a building you think is missing?

Mafia would be nice, some nice inspiration might be found in the Untouchables, Dick Tracy or the medic from Team Fortress 2.

the only disadvantage of these long coats i discovered is that once put together it's almost impossible to take the character back apart without breaking something.

Yes, long coats are difficult to take off on normal characters. Here the parts of the figures would definitely be preferable. Just pull the head off.

There will be longer ones in the next series, the steampunk lady and the judge:

I'm a little cautious about buildings at the moment. I don't have any more space. In the last few weeks I've printed and built the Jules Verne train from gambody, it's a monster ...

Figure parts are just the thing, right now ... lol

ooh yeah, that train looks awesome, but also quite a job to print. Does it fit on a Playmotrack?

Saw these new long-coated figures and they have customizing potential. Really wondering what there will be for the rest of fall 2022, usually these parts are not just designed for the special series!

What other figures did you built together?

I already used matt black filament for the locomotive, so I only had to paint a few highlights. The entire model weighs 1.8 KG.

I am mostly busy with figure headgear. I have already made different legs, like for dwarfs.

Most of the time things come from remixes. I haven't really gotten used to the sculpting programs yet. What do you use for your works?

1.8 KG? that's quite the investment in filament right there! :-) I always try to optimize and sometimes hollow out models to save on the resin. But that's a bit of a science in itself I discovered :-)

i use blender, its pretty decent and has everything the "professional" software alternatives offer.

I think the difficult thing is getting the process right. Using sculpting tools is actually the last step, you have to do as much as possible with the geometric modelling tools first so that you get parts that fit and are consistent in weight/thickness etc. If you just want a sculpture it doesn't matter so much but if you need parts that fit in a system, its a bit more of a mixed workflow.

That's right, with resin it's important to save material where possible - I've heard. I only have two FDM printers, I know very little about resin printing.

I'm currently playing around with Blender a bit. I use an STL from a Playmobil figure as a measure and then try to tinker something for it.
Everything is something new to me, everything before I was able to create with Win 3D Builder. A very simple program, which unfortunately often reaches its limits. That's why I'm now trying my luck with Blender.

Learning by doing ... :/

Two FDM Printers, which ones?

Yeah, blender has really great tutorials, but not really specifically tailored to this sort of work, so it will be a bit of checking various workflows and see how you can combine them.

How do you like the Plague Doctor? Finally got you a full long robe :-)

I have two Artillery Genius, i'm pretty happy with that.

Your new set is great! First I just needed the long robe for my creations.

I'm excited to see what's next from you.

Hey Stu,

yeah, i kind of liked the robe too, though the nose was the most fun to model :-)

I took a Christmas break and will be slowly starting on the next package... I think you'll like it :-)

Have a nice break!
New ideas are always welcome 🙂👍

Hi Printobil
this must be the longest christmas vacation ever :)
I hope you are well

it sure has been, but something new is in the works :-)

Nice to see you back! Your new creations looks good.

Thanks, more is on the way!