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Hi 👋
I just signed up so I could buy your Articulated Alien Xenomorph model. Really nice work btw.
Would you be ok with me printing a few to sell/gift? If I were to sell any it would be super small volume just to keep me in filament.
Thanks and all the best.

Please feel free - the way i see it is that the people who buy the printed object would only be those who do not own a printer, and seeing as i do not sell printed versions, it doesn't really effect me - but if it can help you, by all means go ahead.

Kind regards

I bought the Gandalf and balrog book nook, and I'm super excited to make it for my son in law as christmas gift. How ever, My pc refuses to slice the file "back"with the balrog. I'm really bummed about this. Rest slices fine. Is there a way you can help me with the Gcode? I have an ender 3 pro.

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Hi, first off thanks for the purchase. I am happy to help, I have taken the back file and reduced the amount of faces, without losing detail. Making the file size smaller, which I am hoping will then slice on your pc. Let's try that, if this doesn't work then I can try setup a profile for an ender and slice it for you. If you can please email me at with an email address I can send the file to. Kind regards.

Ola amigo, comprei o arquivo do Jack e estou tentando fatiar a gravata e a cabeça, para imprimir sem suporte. Mas a malha vem toda aberta. Seria possível enviar um arquivo com a malha fechada ?

Hello, yes I will gladly help - it's the first I'm hearing about this. I will however only have access to my computer tomorrow, but I will do this first thing then and let you know once done. Thanks for letting me know.

Hello, i am not seeing an error in the model, perhaps i am not understanding what it is you wish to do. You mention printing without supports, are you trying to cut the model up so that it doesn't require supports? if so let me know i will cut it for you.

kind regards

Good morning, that's right. I'm trying to cut the piece to make 3 parts. I wanted to have the head, tie and body separation. I will print in separate parts If possible send me separately.

head, necktie and body*

Hello, please give me an email address where i can share the separated file with you, thanks. cheers o4saken

if you dont want to share your email here, just contact me on with an email i can send the files to.

Olá bom dia. Já respondo no seu e-mail

Hola como estas ? compre el xenomofo articulado y segui los parmetros...laimpresion sale genial...pero lo q seria el eje de hombros y atas...lo hace deforme y se salen...como si lo hubieses diseñado con medio eje...s asi? podras fijarte porq lo compre para hacerlo y l salen gracia espero respuesta


Para no tener soportes, la articulación del hombro es un cono, con una protuberancia en la parte superior. ¿Puedo pedirle que me envíe una foto a para que pueda ver lo que quiere decir con deforme? ¿Qué versión estás imprimiendo? ¿La de escala prusamini? - si no, le recomendaría que use este, ya que tiene tolerancias mucho más estrictas que funcionan incluso en impresoras de resina.

hello, 04SAKEN I wanted to know if there is any way you can help me with the death star 2 print I'm currently printing the bottom part of the death star but it looks different is there any way you can let me know?

Hi, happy to help. If you can please explain what you mean by it looks different? Perhaps it would be easier if you can send me a picture to

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hello thanks for the response i sent you a picture to your email

hello i have another question about the supports I'm not sure if the whole thing gets taken off i know you're probably very busy, but whenever you can get back to me that would be awesome.

Hi! My name is Octavian. I have bought the octopus model from you and I have to say it is just awesome! thank you! I wanted to ask you just one information... how did you modeled the outer skin? i mean that orange peel like surface? I am trying to hide the print layers and I noticed that it work perfect with that king of texture. can you plese help me? thanks! octavian

Hi, I am glad to try and help. However, as much as it is an easy enough process, it will depend on your modelling ability. I think it will be too much to explain here, so if you want email me at .. I am using blender as the modelling programme, so you would need to have some experience with it, or at least something similar, where you can apply displacement textures to a model. I don't think it is possible with a CAD programme. Let me know, tx o4

I bought the articulated viper files and they are so cool! Nice work!
Do you by chance have the individual pieces in separate files? A piece broke and I don't want to reprint the whole group.



<3 The Xenomorph Bulba!

Is the Bulb easily removable in a program such as Meshmixer?

Hello - It should be easy enough, obviously depending on your experience with 3d modeling programmes, if i can ask why are you wanting to remove it? let me know i dont mind to separate the two for you. kind regards.

May I sell a print of your file.

Not selling file

Yes, no problem,

Hello! I am a vendor at anime conventions and stumbled across your articulated octopus while browsing the sight. I would love to be able to add it to my table as I have a few other octopus themed items. But of course, I wanted to seek your permission before planning or starting anything.

Hi, that would not be a problem at all. Thank you for asking.

I am a reseller and am getting into 3D printing for my booth at local events in the Tulsa area. I was wondering if I could print your articulating xenomorph design to sell at the events I go to and on Mercari. I am not planning on selling on neither ebay nor Etsy. I am more than happy to pay you on a paetrom site if you would prefer for this ability. Let me if this would be possible.
Thank you,

Hello, thank you for asking. I am quite happy with you selling the printed item.
Kind regards.

Hi I'm waiting for a new Creativity CR 10 mini. I have no experience at 3 D printing, but did CNC g-code programming for 30 years. I want to make your death star. Could you email the cura settings to help me get started. I don't mind paying you for your advice. Thanks.

Hi - i dont mind to assist at all, that said though the on the item descrition page for the Death Star, i have listed all the setting there for each part, starting from below the "I printed in grey PLA" text. Everything is printed flat on the bed, the dome obviously hollow part inside (as it prints cleaner outside walls), this does require supports - Here i would suggest Cura's tree supports. If there is anything more specific that you need help on please ask - but everything you need to print the model is listed there - layer height etc (like for the inner rings i used 0.3 layer height for faster printing

Hi again he has the Xenomorph up again on Creality

Hi there there is a guy over on Creality Cloud selling one of your designs as if it is his design. To make profit from your work. He has your articulated Xenomorph over there.


Thank you so much for letting me know - i have reported this, hopefully they remove it soon.
Really appreciate the notice.


No problem. None of the models are his. They are all other peoples designs

He has it back up again

OMG - thanks for this - i will report this, again

I just printed this on an Elegoo Saturn using grey Siraya fast ABS like resin and it worked perfect. In order to make it as big as possible I rotated it 10 degrees on the x axis as suggested by someone else on here. I was able to keep it at 92% of the original size. I then used auto supports and raised the entire print 5mm. This was all on Chitubox. The print came out perfect.Lots of supports to remove and I used medium supports but only took a few minutes as the supports came off easily. All the joints move freely....head, arms, legs, tail. I did find after I cured in my curing machine the arms stuck slighthly but slight pressure got them moving again. Must have been some uncured resin in the joint..even after an alcohol bath. One of my favorite prints. I had done the well known articulated dragon but the tail movement on this is better.

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Hi. great work !!
i am running a biz on a local internet shop and wonder if i can sell prints of your work (not files).

thank you !

Hello, Thanks for the ask, if i can ask which model/s you are referring to. i generally don't mind, but i like to keep record on my end to just know how many people are selling which model.

Hi! Bought XENOMORPH and tried printing twice and bot times it fail in the first 5 minutes. I have a CR10 V3 and use Prusa and followed the setting for that. Is it the slice, is it damage, do I need to redownload, did I get the right file?
Kind regards

That is very strange, i have seen lots of people post makes on facebook... perhaps try re download, or at least reslice.

Yes I am trying to reslice now. Thanks

So far so good. Thanks for the quick response...I can't wait, but I will have to! Long print :-)

Prusa Mini.

I am interested in the Articulated Xenomorph. Do you know if this can be printed in resin? Thanks

I just printed in resin using the "Prusa Mini scale" file that was included. I had to rotate and scale to ideally fit the plate. Be VERY, VERY careful and take your time removing it from the plate if you are going to print right on the plate (not lifting and using supports for everything). Make sure you look at what the first layer is going to be because with Photon, the first layer was not everything, but with Chitubox it looked good. I haven't yet tried lifting and doing the whole thing with supports. But scaled down and printing right on the plate it looks great.

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thanks very much for the information. I will give it a try.

Did you use any supports at all? Also something I found out when printing the articulated dragon or other prints that need to be easilty removed...put your plate in a freezer for 20 minutes. If it doesnt just pop off after than then run hot water over the back of the plate. In almost all cases this causes the print to drop right off.

I personally have no experience with resin printing, but if you look at the one make, it was printed on Resin Printer, but the guy does mention having added supports:

My initial print was directly on the bed (thanks for the tips about using the freezer). I reprinted last night lifting the whole thing 5mm from the plate and rotating 10 degrees on X axis. It's in the ISO bath now, but so far it looks absolutely great. I only wish there was a version with the body separate from the tail so I can print it better.
@O4SAKEN, I can't remember your usage agreement. Can I modify the STL for personal printing? I don't have any interest in reselling the model, nor any prints I make.

Lifting, rotating and using full supports certainly made it turn out better but the joints on the arms and legs are tough to release without the brittleness of resin prints causing an issue.

If you can modify it to print for yourself, feel free. I think some of the issue you having would be scaling it down to fit a resin printer, the one i saw printed on here was on an elegoo saturn, which i think is one of the bigger print beds. If you want me to help, edit the model, so tail is seperate etc, i dont mind. Just let me know, as said I don't have any knowledge with resin printers, so don't know what you would need.

I am somewhat new to resin printing myself also. I'd love to print a larger version in PETG but I fear that my printer needs me to fully do through it and tune things as it is nearly four years old and I don't get the same quality of prints as I once did. The main thing I was thinking as far as separating the parts go would be to be able to print the body and tail as separate pieces and perhaps permanently affix the largest tailbone piece to the body, while the remainder of the tail would still be able to articulate. That would allow printing the body and tail in larger scale, which would also help the limbs to remain free. (My last attempt had such a small gap around the limb hinges that even though I had them mobile, after curing the model they froze in place).

I just saw another post referencing your Hobbit Booknook and now I had a really good reason to get my filament printer back in shape. My wife will go bananas for that one!

Hey, please can i ask you to contact me on - i have seperated the tail and body for you, if you can email me so i can send it to you.

Hi. I downloaded the Articulated Xenomorph. Is there any way to get a STL of the back sides of all the surfaces that where on the build plate? Like the elbow, chin, stomach, heal... so I can glue them on the model to complete it. Awesome model by the way. Thank you.

I asume you mean to hide the flat parts where it contacted the bed. Hadnt thought of that, it isnt something i have, but if you willing to give me a few days, I will make some. Will update you once complete.

Perfect. Thank you.


which scale of the model did you print? Ender 3? just want to make sure i make the correct size pieces for you.

Prusa Mini. Not sure if you got my first message.

Perfect, thanks. Will start with this today.

Hey, i have completed the parts as you requested, uploaded them here for free:

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Thanks again. Can't wait to add them to my print.

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hey out curiosity i saw your hobbit book nook I absolutely love the design and how it looks but i was wondering what leds you used for it ?

I just used standard High bright LED's - ones that look like this:
But you need to also have resistors for each LED, depending on the battery you using, in my case a square 9V battery.

comment on assemble les 3 pièce du cube hellraiser on commence par quel piece


you have to align all 3 at the same time and slide them together, its easiest if you check out this video - same type of cube, just no pattern on edges. from this video you will see how to place them and slide them together.

Hey man love the xenomorph design. How'd you get the brim only on the body on prusaslicer?

Hey, thanks......ok so its fairly easy.
1. you need to split the model into objects (done with the big O button on the top toolbar, next to the P)

  1. This step is done one at a time. Right click the body part that you want to add brim, menu comes up choose add settings, skirt and brim. (so you need to do all legs, head and body..)

  2. Tick brim type and brim width.

  3. on the right hand side panel (where it shows object name) you will see skirt and brim, click this and at the bottom of that panel will be settings for how thick you want the brim, change from 0, to what ever you want.

just be sure not to move any parts once they are separate objects.

Tried printing the xenomorph twice and both times at roughly 11.5 hours the head failed. Ran them how you said with 3 perimeters, brim, etc.... Waste of money, time and filament

Hi, the model itself prints fine, that said it is perhaps not the easiest print as it requires the nozzle to move between all the upright parts, therefore requiring good bed adhesion and leveling. By the "Head Failed" i assume you are meaning that it has gotten knocked loose and thus is just making strings? If this is the case, then it is due to the above mentioned and the best solution then for you would be to enable Z hop to the print. worst case would be to enable supports.

Thank you, I'll give it a go. My first reaction was painting some supports under the chin because i don't want to lose another 12 hours plus silk filament I am using.

Is 0.2 Z hop sufficient?

Hello - 0.2 should be sufficient, to be truly safe yes, you can add a little support under the chin area using the paint on supports, just to give it a larger footprint on the bed.

I did both and it printed, the very top of the head got a little messed up because it still moved some but it printed. Thanks

Hi! Whenever I try to print the ARTICULATED XENOMORPH on the ENDER 3 the print always ends up failing and stringing up and coming apart. I was wondering if you had any tips on what to do?

Hello - this does in general print fine without supports, though you need to have your bed fairly level so that it doesnt colide with any of the parts, i assume you are still using the brim yes? if your printer is stringing this could also be causing the error - the simplest thing to do would be to enable supports on the build plate only, but i would put a support blocker over the tail so the supports will only focus on the legs and head.

Yes I do still use a brim but that comes out fine and the actual body is fine but it always fails when printing the tail. I could double check about the level of my bed. Thanks!

Hi, so if I'm u understanding correctly, the tail pieces are actually getting destroyed during printing, if that is the case, then it would definately be due to leveling, as the xenomorph does use a lot of the bed surface area, therefore it needs to be fairly accurate.

Thought about this again, if you are struggling with the leveling, it might be easier for you to enable Z-hop - this way the nozzle will lift out the way and not collide with the model elsewhere, only downfall is it adds a little more time to print.