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Hi there, I bought the TYPE 3A PHASER RIFLE, but didn't realise I didn't get the stand. Can I pay for the stand as well please?

Send me an email so you can describe what kind of stand you want me to make!

Will the parts fit on a 300x300x400 bed?

they will!

Can this be printed on a Ender 3 Pro?

You need to specify which model, but almost all can be printed on an ender 3 sized bed.

Hey there. Love your design. Does it incorporate a center PVC pipe or rod like many rifles and props for rigidity?

Hi there! This comment is not linked to any of my models. Can you please specify to which model you are referring?

hello sir i have sent you an email i hope you do not mind.
thank you

Hello, I recently purchased the 'Star Trek Phaser Rifle Type 3B'. It is a really cool model. During printing, I discovered that the 'Stock' part has a 1mm recessed area on the left side for the 'Stock panel L' part, but this is only an outline on the right side for the 'Stock panel R' part. Would it be possible to get a version of the Stock that has this 1mm recessed area on the right side as well?

Many thanks!! Once again, this is a great model.

  • 1 j’aime

Issue has been fixed and the part has been uploaded. Thank you for sharing this information with me.

  • 1 j’aime

Hello, I am wondering if you are able to modify the Type 3 phaser a little for me so I can install some electronics. It would be so cool if the stock were hollow so it has room for electronics and a retractable strap. Is this at all possible, if you want I can pay $30.00 for you to modify it for me,

  • 1 j’aime

Send me an email with instructions to

Hello, I purchased the Type 3 phaser rifle and meant to purchase the Type 3A, are the barrels interchangeable? I printed the main_body and back_body so far... is it too late now? BTW I love your designs, you are one of the best! :)

  • 1 j’aime

Sorry but I can not do that.

Is it possible to switch my order? I imagine in the near future I will purchase the Type 3 also but I really had my heart set on the Type 3A variant. Or maybe you could just send me the barrel files for the Type 3A?

As I remember, they should be!

Hi, I would like to know if this model is functional, if I can switch between sword and pistol without having to disassemble

Hi!I have bought your Ebony and Ivory from Devil may cry 5 model, there are two grip files in each folder, which one should I print? And may I ask where to download the lady pictures on the grip? Thanks!

Grip that has "podebljano" has a thicker finger guard in case that your printer can't handle the original one. I've updated the listing with a rar archive containing pictures of the ladies!

Thank you so much for your purchase! Hope you like it!

If you purchased the files a new window, with the "download files" option, shows after the transaction is finished. Later on, you can go to your cults 3D profile and all of the files are in the "ORDERS" tab.

I ordered the mmpr power blaster blade and the mmpr communicator watch for the grand total of $22.32. I have not received any STL files. Can you help in resolving this issue yourself or help me with resolving it through the cults website?

Everything is a digital STL format and nothing is painted. But you can print each part in their respective colour if you wish so you don't have to paint it...

Regarding the new Picard era phaser rifle - are the pieces sent separately, and are they pre-painted, or do they require painting?
Thank you.

Scale the handle to be around 8 cm high and everything else acoarding to that and you should be fine!

Hey man. I would like to print your awesome Androxus revolver but i dont know the sizes. when I import the file into program its way too big. Can you help me?