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I have the 31 chopped body,
I may do the 32 5 window next , just a bit busy at the moment.
Thanks for your enquiry

Hi, I've been looking for a 32 5 window coupe with a chopped roof, have you done anything like that at all?

Yes should print fine
currently I have reduced the model part 0.54. Example in the scaling on the slicing software where it states 100, I type 54 and parts come out very close to 1/18 scale. Currently printing the 32’ chassis and the chopped and channeled coupe. Walls are think but printing good on the prusa (FDM) so will print amazing on a resin printer

Yo fellow Rod friend! Im quite new at this, do you know if your models will work in a resin printer?
Best regards from Sweden!

It’s possible to print these with a sla printer correct? Also, how many complete model sets do you have?

Hi, love your work. Could I possibly buy stl files off you then print them and try to sell them. I would then definitely be back for more!!!

Dakota Brown

Many thanks and congratulations for your quality of work.
I bought the 1932 Ford with the chassis.
Very nice work, an impeccable finish, well done!
I have a request, can you see a study for a Bugatti T57sc Atlantic body?
I bought a body, but nothing to do with your work.
Full of facets, hood and doors do not open!
I made the chassis and engine out of 1/8 scale aluminum.
I have a Créality CR-10 Max 3D printer with a 500x500mm plate
I can send you the STL file.
The manufacturing is the same principle to the Ford.
Make a side then a mirror!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Here is my email address:

Thanks, it prints in the correct scale

Hey Macone!
Question about scale. I downloaded the 30 Rat Rod build and started to print the files as is. Just wondering if I was supposed to scale them before printing? Awesome model by the way enjoying it so far! Thanks for any help!

Thanks for the offer but I don’t have the time

Hi Patrik Files are stl if you want to modify them - use fusion 360 It has a editing mode, you can scale uniformly or non uniformly so you can fit any size keeping the basic look of the model 😊 fusion 360 is free to students and home hobbyists . A very powerful tool .

Hi Patrik Files are stl if you want to modify them - use fusion 360 It has a editing mode, you can scale uniformly or non uniformly so you can fit any size keeping the basic look of the model 😊 fusion 360 is free to students and home hobbyists . A very powerful tool .

Love your work with the different hot rods! I found you because I got the idea that I want to build a hot rod rc crawler, I've just bought a Vaterra Ascender chassis and I think it would look great with a hot rod body on it.
If I decide to buy one of your models would it be possible to get the original 3d files as well to make the modifications to fit the chassis easier?


On my thingiverse page macone1

Hello sir , Love your work , i have a few questions is there a way to private message you?

On cults

Good morning Chris! Wanted to ask if there is an opportunity to buy the STL files directly from you? Or is it only through the shop?

Great 👍

Thank you ! It was also a lot of fun to fix it up, but I'm more of a Ford fan and love the Ford Model A that I'm currently printing (bought here)

Great video I love the chassis 😀 I’ll do some research

Roadster or coupe ?

MGA , What year model ? If you search the internet you may find one. Or it could be my next project, I’m in the middle of a project at the moment.

Hello ! Is it possible to get my car (MGA) as a 3D print file?

Wow so much for customer service guess I wont be printing any more of your files thanks!!

No I’m sorry, I would suggest you use a hard drive to back up all your files, it’s essential these days.

I ordered and downloaded the 33 speedster file but after 1/2 through printing my computer crashed and I lost all the files is there anyway I could download again ?

I was wondering what are “hot holes”?

Thank you , it’s a real buzz to get feedback, I also love the Torana it was my one of my first models , I will see if I have the cad files somewhere , I was considering modeling it again, stay tuned


My name is Jack Allen.

I am a huge fan of your work!

I am interested in 3D Printing your file: however, I was wondering if you are able to customise the part for me? I need the model to print for a client who wishes the part to be suitable for model making/metal casting as I wish to cast the model out of metal.

Is it possible you could alter the design to the windows were filled and hot holes? I would obviously pay for the file and am wondering how much you would charge for something like this? I would also be able to possibly send you a finished part?

Looking forward to what you can offer!

Jack Allen

Thanks for the question, I really don’t have the time unfortunately. I have got some time off at the moment and currently working on a 1931 coupe, it’s a detailed and time consuming process to design a project.

Do you do custom designs for customers?

Thank you, Chris. I just messaged you. user name the_law_man01.

Hi joe, yes, error! the file was not uploaded (I have uploaded it now.)
if you message me through thingiverse my user name macone1. Search this, and message me and I’ll send it free .

That’s weird as all the files are there , check you computer again and let me know and I can put them on thingiverse for 24hrs

Hello, Chris.

I purchased your V-8 model. I don't think I got all of the pieces as I did not receive files for valve covers. I would appreciate your help here. I've already printed everything else, and it looks great!


Hi Rick , I can only suggest to check your numbers as other cults members are buying model files .


I just tried to buy your hot rod model and I got a credit card error and a paypal error. Not sure what s going on. Hope they fix it soon, great work!



Thanks, checked that and it is now fixed.
Have you uploaded a photo of your finished model?

I down loaded the Hot Rod Run-around last month I found I needed to filed in the bottom cut off as once the rear suspension was fitted too the floor the back panel sits about 10mm high.