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Yo, Please make more goblin dudes, and please make a flaccid version of them...In our game goblins don't really do clothing, they're just a naked peoples lol. Wondering if you can make a non-sexual version for cultural gaming purposes. You might even consider making other species variants like this to increase your portfolio. harpys, naga. Most beast-type humanoid creatures with fur, scales, or feathers probably wouldn't wear clothing in all honesty. So crow people and yuan-ti should be naked...but they also don't have a penis (or in the case of a reptile a hempenis hidden under their ventral scales) or anything other than a chloacha but I digress. Just a thought. For now Im going to break off the dicks of these goblins and reglue them flaccid lol. All the men feel their pain...

Seriously, you could make some good artistically nude pieces for regular game sessions.

Could you provide a version of the Samus Zerg Trap v2 with the inflation but without the nipple tentacles? Thanks!

I really love your models! A lot. Is there an easier way to just buy everything? I'm sure you have stuff you can't post?

Awesome work! More!

Thanks, nice to hear that you like the models. There´s sure a lot of unfinished stuff I couldn´t post yet, but since i finished reworking the basemodels we´ll surely encounter a lot of fun soon... :D

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do you have the rest of the model available for download of "VERA AND THE WOLF" would like to do a small diorama of it. also are you doing any more for the Goblin fun fair?
can let me know thanks

Hi, you probably think of the renders in the attached zip-file? I´m afraid they are quiet not in a printable condition. The fun fair will definetly be continued,there´s quiet some stuff from this theme that waits to be finished :D

Hi, I haven't checked in for a while, so I thought I'd drop by. I also had an idea for a new (fan art) character to put in peril. Have you ever seen Empowered? Superhero comic by Adam Warren, with soft bondage themes. It would be great to see her in real peril, bound and violated by tentacles, etc. Just let your imagination go wild. I hope all is well with you, and thanks for all you do.

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Hi, all´s fine, thanks. hope you´re well too. I just finished some reworking on the girls and currently am working on another project. The comic you mentioned sure is something i will have a closer look at once i´m done :)

Hi, I like your work an specialy "Whack a Wizzard" a lot and bought it. (Printing's still pendig, because of busines). And I transfered the idea into the 45. century aboard the private defensive-cruiser "Sahina Kaulfuß". There exists a new attraction, called "Satiswhackme" ( )
Greets, Udo

Hi, interesting idea - keep it up!

Thanks :)

Hi, I am a fan of your models. You do good work. I had no issues printing your models, but I was wondering if you would be will to tell what 3d modeling software you use to make your models? I am a beginner with the 3d modeling designing and would like to learn how to do modeling like you have done. Any info you are willing to share with modeling would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Well i´m using several programs, what means a lot of import-export actions for me. Surely not the best method, but it works for me. For "organic" models, i mostly use programs like sculptris because i just like this way of sculpting. Blender is what i use for models with more geometric precision and to arrange scenes. Blender has a huge pile of options and possibilities what makes it quiet complex, but you can find tutorials for almost everything - so you can learn it bit by bit.

the file has problems

I just checked the archive and the STLs, but I couldn´t find any problem. Please let me know more about the problem - we will surely find a solution :D

i bought the file SAMUS ARAN ZERG TRAP V2. the file has some defects. contact me at my email

Hi, i hope you received my email yesterday. Hope to to hear from you soon, so we can fix your problem :)

I would like to buy the model of Samus Aran Zerg inter special negotiations in separate pieces and in high poly? it is for personal use only. Greetings.

Sorry, the base model was reworked since then,so I can´t reconstruct the original one.
But there surely will be some new negotiations in the future :)

Of course I hope so too, thanks for corresponding the message.

Do you have a "Fun with Jack" reversed where Jack is getting it?

Not yet, but this might be an idea for halloween... :)

Me and my wife would love to see a sitting Buddha with an erect giant penis. Have seen such a painting on a wall somewhere in a TV show of ”Show your home”, but not found a printable 3D model sofar.

Do you mean the chubby one,or the more slender version with the pointy hairstyle?

Hi! Me and my wife love the goblin girls and their adventures. Is it best to print them with a UV printer in resin? I tried with my PLA printer, but always get a nozzle clogged and the printing stops regardless of settings I’ve tried.

Hi, I only have a resin printer myself. I have seen several prints of my models on FDA machines, but i don´t have experience with the filament section personally.

Sorry for the long delay, but i had quiet some problems with both my arms, so using a computer was quiet difficult lately :)

For figurines and miniatures a SLA printer is a must. I just printed one of the Halloween Goblin Girls in about only 4cm height and you can see the clit in her slit!

I really like the new Goblin model!

Hey There

HUGE fan of all your works, have so many of them I need to print and paint! I have an upcoming custom Tavern and Brothel RPG model & one of your Winter fun Goblin Girls would be perfect tho I can't find the model for download anymore even tho its linked back to your page both here & Thingiverse. It's the one Winter fun Goblin Girl sitting on a sled, wearing gloves, boots & a cap with her right hand to her open mouth as tho she's yelling. Do you maybe still have her for download somewhere that I've just not been able to find? Shes in exactly the pose I need!

Thanks so much for any help you can give & keep up the awesome work!

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Hi, the old version is´n´t up any longer since the base model is desperately outdated.

I just made a version with the current base model, have a look and hopefully it also can fit into your plans


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Personally, I LOVE your older stuff, even if you feel its outdated! The new version is good yes but the older one is in exactly the right pose I need. Is there any chance at all you can temporarily re-up it just for a short while so I can download it? Say to maybe like googledrive or something? I could let you know as soon as I have it downloaded & you can zorch it from the site you put it on.

It would really help me a lot to get the older version of her, can you help a fellow Gobbette lover out? Pretty please, with a cherry on top! :)

Well - here you go. I just added the old STL to the new Winter Gob II Model. Better download it soon - it won´t be there for long ;)

Wow! Thank you so much! Snagged her the minute I got home!

I just purchased "Tro`Bor and his new toy" but only one model was present, shouldn't be there a second "front door" version?
I really love your work and would definitelylike to see the raid trope expanded ;) !

Strange, indeed I can´t find the 2nd file myself - thanks for the hint. I just renamed and uploaded the files again, so it should work now. :)

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Both are now present, thank you :)
May I ask you to consider adding in your models a copy scaled for 32mm? I'm using them in 32mm sceneries and it would help a lot having them already (mostly) scaled.

What is the cost to create a new model?

you can send me an email with your idea and I will see what i can do :)

I'm just writing that I really like the latest series of "Goblin Fun". Keep it up. And become an even better modeler

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looks great,thanks :)

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Just wanted to drop you a message to tell you how much I appreciate your work. I am a big fan of your series with the werewolves, and also the very recent mini with Tro'Bor; more of these please! Some of them will definitely end up as part of my tabletop models. Many thanks, and kudos on the good work!

Thanks, great to hear that you like the models - there will be more of them for sure :)

do you plan to create anymore rachel and the wolf scenes?

i´m currently working on another project, but if i come across an interesting setting- why not :D

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

Merry Xmas to you

plz use my email adress for this kind of discussion :)

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sorry to bother you, maybe this is a silly question, have you made any futa models with both penis and vagina on the same character? also models with 4 or six breasts? i would like to print and paint something like that love your goblin girls. excellent garden gnome type models

hi, did´nt create something like this yet. If you have material orlinks for this multi-boob idea, you can send me some via email and i´ll have a look at it :)

  • 1 j’aime

ok, i might draw something then

i sent you a rough sketch i drew to show my meaning

i have some more drawings, would you like me to send them to you? its basically goblin tentacle sex with options for futa, multiboob and inflation. i think you would make good 3d prints of them

Sure,i always like to have a look at new ideas :)





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Someone is stealing your models and selling them under their brand. Here is the link to the seller:

Thanks for keeping an eye open. I´ll have a serious word with them.

I cant download some of your models...I get a file that does not open......Thanks

this is strange... can you tell me which models you are having problems with?

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