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Nice to meet you
I am contacting you because I have a question.
Would it be possible for you to model Japanese robot animation in 3D?

thank you.

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Hi Masa
Making a full kit of a robot like gundam is a large project that would take me over a month of work, as such I would reserve such for Patreon backers. what robot are you looking for? I know a few creators in this space and you may find there's already a model out there.

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Thank you for your reply. I would like a 1/200 scale bound dock.


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the bad news is I don't know anyone who has made a model of that suit, you tend to find that creators stay away from suits that already have a model as the kit. the good news is that there are an alternative, game files, the Baund Doc does turn up in a few games and if you know a little blender you can pose the models however you like and scale it to 1/200. link for a site that has all the game models.

I understand.
Thank you very much.

Hello! Just wondering if its possible to print the laurasia-class in FDM?

Hi sorry I never got back to you right away. I will run a test print so you can see what it would look like, but there are parts such as barrels and the catapult that may not work on FDM.

Thanks! I'm ok without the catapult :)

Uploaded some pics of the FDM print, I will be at some point making this as a kit that can be bought so you dont have to print it yourself.

any chance of some zaft love?

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I have uploaded the Petrie-class land battleship, I also do have a Laurasia-class ready for upload that was done for Patreon, I just need to do a few test prints. This just leave out of the spacecraft the Nazca for ZAFTs main line warships, I am sure Patreon will vote for that when it comes up.

Hi! I have been following your work a while on thingiverse, im glad you continued working on your gundam and toon tank stuff, their all great stuff!

Im curious if you have any plans to make a Matilda CDL to match the Grant/Sherman models you already have, if you do, I have a matilda I can take measurements of the turret atachments for you if you dont own one already!

Hi thanks I am glad you like what I am making, the CDL Matilda is on the to-do list, I have just got the model out of the box, and I am building it so I have the sizes, it should be a simple build but don't know when I will have time to work on it.

Thats no problem, im looking forward to having the turret to swap out for my own Matilda!

hello do you have the black piece in the gundam stand please???

hi, what stand are you looking for the blank? none of them have one but give me a few mins and i can make one up.

Do you have a tracks .stl for toon sherman? There are no tracks in download folder ;/

hi sorry i dont know what happened there. i have a new version of the files, still WIP

Tnx for answer. Looking forward for update:)

Hi brianbanzai66
My normal rate is £15 per hour, however I hold a monthly Patreon where you can vote on my next project, this moth is a ship from Gundam seed, the Izumo. What Mecha are you looking at, so I can get an idea of the work involved.


Hello, what do you charge to make a model? I have a Mecha I want made.