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Hi, my name is Daniel. I have seen your articles and i like then very much and I am interested in selling Dragon Ball keychains in my store (not yet open to the public)

please let me know how much is the total file grams ?

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

hello i have a person who is interested in purchasing the flexi zombies from me and im just curious is there a commercial license available for them? thank you in advance. have a great day

Good day

I would like to print and sell some of your designs, do you perhaps have a Discord.

I love your designs!
Where can I find the flexi tiger ?

Escribo desde Chile, quiero saber si es posible que diseñes un flexi cat como el cachorron (soporte para celular), felicitaciones por tal lindo trabajo, por favor avisame si es posible a mi correo, Gracias

Hola, felicitaciones por tan lindo trabajo, sera posible de diseñes un flexi Cat como el cachorro, es para soporte de celular, Gracias
por favor avisame si es posible, mi correo es

Hola, felicitaciones por tan lindo trabajo, sera posible de diseñes un flexi Cat como el cachorro, es para soporte de celular, Gracias
por favor avisame si es posible, mi correo es

hello I was curious if you offered a commercial license for your designs. These are awesome including the zombie ones. if so please let me know and thank you for your time and work they are great!

Buenos dias, felicitaciones por tan lindos diseños, mi hija vio el Flexi Puppy y quiere uno como Gato, es posible hacerlo y me lo envies a mi correo?

Buenos dias, muy lindo el trabajo tuyo, mi hija vio el Flexi Puppy y le encanto,el problema que lo quiere como gato, es posible que lo diseñes y lo subas o me lo envies a mi correo?
Desde Chile muy agradecido

hello, I really like your work its clean and easy to print without the need of supports. Do you offer freelance work? I have charging base for the cozmo robot I been trying to make a 3D model of for 3D printing, I have tried doing photogrammetry which worked pretty well but I have no clue how to make the model smooth or level. here is a link to a photo of the object I am trying to make a 3D model of for 3D Printing. if you offer freelance work please let me know how much you would want to help me make this charging base into a 3D model for 3D priinting.

pourrais-je avoir le temps moyen d'un porte clé, et en quelle epaisseur de couche cela a été fait.

could I have the average time of a keychain, and in what layer thickness it was done.
thank you


Hey I love your designs but I printed the way you said it but it does not flex. When I try to flex it it breaks.

Hi, I really like your work.
My Wife and I are have a stall at Hamerton Zoo on Friday 29th August to raise money for world tiger day. I would like permission to make and sell your tiger model with the profits going toward world tiger day.

Hi, these are some great looking designs. I am looking forward to some awesome prints.

how can i get the rights to sell your designs

Any chance of A Koala Bear Flexi for phone?

It looks like vitorjeronimo utilized your model and is selling a koala and bunny version

under tail needs supports

the tiger and the puppys tail need supports to print right. itll print yeah, just not with out some drooping underneath the tail

Would there be any chance you could do a flexi rhino phone stand?