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Hi , what scale are your minis? If not in 28 mm , what % of rescale i will have to do to make them 28 mm that fit to old necromunda game?

Hi Tupal. My models are 30mm "scale" ie 30mmish to the top of the head/ on average. They fit pretty well with older Necromunda models, but if you want to take them down a notch, scaling them by -5% gives you the equivalent of 28mm. Cheers, - Sonny

Hello! Sorry if I'm bothering you, but I really wanted to ask how you painted your Industrial Bases set. They look amazing and I want to replicate that colour scheme, especially the green tones, for my own prints of said bases. Love you!

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Hi Sonny!
It's me Errant/Louis, we chatted a bit while you were sculpting miniatures for Dunkeldorf.
I just (finally!) ordered my first 3D printer, and cant wait to print some of your awesome stuff!
One question: Is there any chance you will make a heavy weapons upgrade pack for the multipart mutants?
I want to use them for my wife's Death Guard army, as cultists, but would need a grenade launcher, a heavy stubber and a flamer :)

Also, I have a feeling that a lot of Chaos Space Marine and Death Guard players are looking for cool models with the right wargear options, as the GW sets are very mono-pose and requires you to buy two full sets of miniatures to make a single unit.

Hi Louis. Good luck with the printer, its a fun hobby :) I´m working on a set of two modular mutants with heavy weapon options, for release next month, so yes, they are next on the list. Also check out Hella and Mallack from the range, their weapon arms are separate and an easy choice for converting mutants with flamers and stubbers. Cheers -Sonny.

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That is so cool!
Looking forward to seeing the new sets :D
I feel like I might retire all the Nurgle Cultists we have, and replace them with mutants at some point ^_^

Thanks for the answer :) I'm totally hyped, and can't wait to get my printer :D

I've just noticed I can see one of your "Secret" designs on a list of suggested models. Looks like a cyberdog with a guy with a rifle over his shoulder. I thought the idea of making designs secret was so they could be refined before publishing, or making them available to whoever you shared the link with?
Is it just Cults being glitch?

Hi I was wondering if you sold the wasteland base toppers as a full set like the industrial one, or just the 4 parts individually?

Hi Dogbreath. I am thinking that maybe when I have one or two more sets I will create a bundle, but currently no firm plans or timeline for that. Cheers,Sonny.

Hi, I really liked your base toppers and planning to buy them but I had a question; Do you remember what painting/basing stuff you used to creat them outside of the printed models? thanks in advance !

Hi gcosterg. Sorry, only just saw your message now. The ones i have in the painted example are mounted on plastic bases and integrated with a bit of textured paint before being painted with acrylics and finished with weathering powders and a bit of static grass. Pretty standard stuff, really :) - Cheers, Sonny.

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