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No Unfortunately I can't open Solidworks files. I don't have it any more at my job and Fusion 360 cannot import these extension and .stl is messing for some reason that I don't know. But with the value of 2.02" I will be able to scale it at the right dimension. Many thanks for your support.

I'm not sure. You're doing something wrong. Are you trying to import the .STL or the .SLDPRT? The .SLDPRT is a SolidWorks native part, so it should import well into Fusion 360 (I think, I' don't use it). I haven't opened these files in 5 years. I just looked and the length of the AA battery (distance between inside faces of the ramp) is 2.020".

I haven't though, but it's not working either. I have a factor 10 (more or less). I have the length of the arete (which is corresponding to the length of the battery) of 513.08 mm for the AA and 452.12 for the AAA dispenser (and the AA battery should 50.0 mm and 44.5 mm for the AAA). So I think it should be a factor around 10. BTW I'm using Fusion360 and I don't know if this is causing the trouble

Most likely it imported in inches vs metric. Try scaling by 25.4 up or down, and see if that makes it the correct size.

Hello, the batteries dispensers system is really what I was looking for. The stacking idea is perfect. I have just one quick question, I have imported the files and the scale is not good. Could you please provide me just one correct dimension so I can figure out what is the correct factor? Because I don't know what space you've used to allow free falling. I have the same trouble with the AAA and the AA dispenser. Many thanks