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Hola el mowag famade transporte personal no lo a echo ?

Si, lo acabo de publicar

hola no tendra el mowag famae 8x8 transaporte personal

Hi, seeing your panhard aml60 do you have any plans to do the aml90

Yes, will publish it today, is ready

Just bought it thanks

Hola, revisé su Gmail. Saludos!

Howdy, I was excited to find the HETT model and trailer, and was showing it to a buddy... and he pointed out the HET M1070 tractor has 3 rear axles, not 2!!

Can maybe make the Eurocopter EC-155 also, like what you did with the blackhawk.








Hello,I'm a 3D printing fan from China.

I recently purchased several of your printable models,their details are really great!Thank you very much for making these excellent printable models.And I am also interested in purchasing some other tank and armored vehicle models

But I encountered some difficulties.A few days ago I purchased some models such as Leclerc,T-90AM,FV4201 Chieftian,BMD-4 and MT-LB(#32737517),Tigr(#32737002).After my printing these days I would like to make some suggestions that I hope to give you some references.

I prefer to make 1:144 scale models.The scale is about 44.45%(44.44444444444…%) of 1:64.

1.BMD-4 only have 2 parts(hull and turret),The hull is really diffiult to add supports for my LCD printer.Cloud you separate the track part from the hull such as other vehicles?
2.Leclerc and T-90AM are great.If their gun barrels can be separated from the turret and put it independently, I believe the final printing effect will be better(only the mian gun,not the parallel machine gun).
3.A part is missing from the MT-LB package(a cylinder used to connect the turret to the hull),could you add it?
4.What price it would cost to customize a model of tank and armored vehicle? How long will it take you to make the model?

Finally, I sincerely wish you stay health.I look forward to your reply.


Hello, I'm interested in customizing T-90A main battle tank,SA-15 Tor Anti-aircraft missiles and SA-22 Pantsir-S1 model,could you please provide me with their quotations?I also want to know how long it will take you to make them,thanks!(Please forgive me for my poor English)

Hi, please contact me at

wow thanks,i need BMP-3 as well!And u really make it!will u make a version with ERA?

MK37 is a flatbed MTVR with an extended wheel base to enable carrying the HIMARS cannisters. It has a load handling crane at the rear of the bed.

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Hi Luis.

Thank you for assisting me

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Hi, would you be able to produce a model of the modern British armoured wmik Land Rover? A model railway company in the UK produces a model of a warflat wagon but no appropriate vehicle to load it with. Is this something that you could do?

Hi, yes, please contact me at

Good afternoon, Would you by chance have the model as one piece?

Sure, but wich model?

Sorry, it's Easy to print F5 Tiger aircraft scale model 1/64

I just downloaded the Phenom 300 and it's wonderful. But I would like to make it parking in the apron, so is it possible to have hollow landing gear bays version? Then I can make the landing gear myself. Please let me know.

Hi, yes is possible, but give eme the weekend to make the modifications, I will update the file on cults3d and you will be able to download it again, no extra cost

When I check all article one by one included in this package, I found 245.30€ and you sell this package to 290€. Do I have miss something or there is an error for the price?


I may have made a mistake, let me check

Is fix now, it was supposed to be 190EUR

Hi, I just downloaded your "BOXER IFV COMMANDO MILITARY 8X8 VEHICLE" model. It looks great!

Your profile says that non divided versions are included, but there wasn't one for this listing. Is it possible to get a non-divided model added to the listing or some other way to get it?


Hi, yes, give me 24h to add it, you can download it again, no extra charge


J'avais acheté le fichier VBCi il y a quelque temps mais mon PC m'a laché et je n'ai plus le fichier.

serait-il possible de me le renvoyer, j'ai essayé sur le site mais impossible.

Merci par avance,


I do have you in my records, is no problem, just write me at and give ma about 24h

Can get file for 1/35 scale?

do you make a new nexter vehicul french army Serval in futur?

Hi Gauro3D,
Can your FV4201 Chieftain British MBT be downed scaled to 15mm?
What setting do I use to do this?
Cheers Robert

You should be aware that the CC BY-NC-ND license does not prohibit free sharing/distribution of your files, only commercial use. Your item descriptions include the phrase "purchasers cannot distribute or sell, neither the digital design nor the printed items made from the design", which is not the terms of the BY-NC-ND license. Anyone who has bought your files under this license is legally entitled to share them freely, and CC licenses explicitly state that this entitlement cannot be retracted. There is no CC license that prohibits free sharing. If you wish to prohibit free sharing, you cannot make your files available under a CC license.

Thanks for the heads up. I will check it out

To be perfectly honest I think your models are absurdly over-priced compared to similar models on the market and that the only way you're going to prevent free sharing is by making them available at a more competitive price. But that's for you to work out.

Hi Guaro3D.
I'm interested in getting a commission of a customised Hawkei model. I sent an email to with more details. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive it as I included some reference image attachments.
Kind regards,

Hi Rouben, I will, will let you know

Hello, your models are great, I want to get them all, for now I start with the Agusta Westland AW139 Helicopter 1:64, if in the future you have the Bell 412 in the same scale, I would appreciate if you let me know, because I am very interested in that model. Blessings, see you soon!

Great, thanks for your nice words, I dont have that one on my list, but I can develop it for you under commission, if it is for personal purposes is not too expensive, please contact me at

I sent a message to your email :)

Oh sorry, this is a new model, give me 24h to check, i will update the files on cults3d and you can download it again from your profile

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I downloaded the Ratel and it is very detailed. Very impressed. Many thanks

thanks for your nice comment

Bonjour, tout d'abord merci pour tes réalisations. Je suis un fan des véhicules militaires français moderne, je souhaiterais savoir si tu pouvais faire un pack avec tous les véhicules militaires français? et ma deuxième question, pourrais tu faire le véhicule poids lourd " porteur polyvalent logistique " appellé aussi PPLOG.
Merci pour ta réponse.

Yes, thanks for your nice words about my models, yes I can give you a group package, please reach me at I also take commissions for models, if it is for personal use the development is no too expansive. Greetings