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Hi, I love your work!!

Would you happen to have any models of (modern) United States Navy female or male sailors, in either their dress blues, dress whites, working coveralls, or their type 3 uniforms?

I am a Navy Chief and would love to be able to print some sailors.

Good!!! I just bought your ski boy 1 design. I would like to know the height of the composition once the pieces are assembled at the scale of the .stl that comes. Thank you very much

hello, the scale is 1/24

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hello, i bought a model and i cant download it. whats happen?

Hello, did you solve the problem? If the website does not give you a solution, you tell me what the model is and I will send it to you without any problem. Cheers

cheers. solved! probably was some lag!



I have a question about your f1 pit crew packs. Im interested in buying one but i can't see the pictures of the packs they simply won't load. I tried it on different devices and my internet connection is also good they just keep loading. Sometimes i manage to get a couple of pictures loaded but i notice some of the models are missing body parts like a head or hands. Is there a way you could maybe send me the pictures of the f1 pit crew packs and tell me why there are missing body parts?

hello thanks for your question, send me a message at squalo or on telegram as hm_gigitoys


Ok thank you, I send an email!

Did you receive my email?

no.. what is your email?

I send an email

Ok i responded! Your email was in the spam folder so mine might also be in yours

bonjour à vous

je voudrais vous acheter le fichier de la figurine Tom Cruise assis pour la mettre sur une moto au 1/12
est-ce que votre fichier peut être imprimer au 1/12

vous en remerciant d’avance



I would like to buy you the file of the figure of Tom Cruise in a sitting position
to put it on a 1/12 motorcycle
can your file be printed at 1/12
thanking you in advance


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hello thanks for your visit to my cults, of course all the files can change size. Cheers

Hello Friend. I work with a lot of designers, but your characters are perfect. is it possible to use these characters in the form of 3d printing for commercial purposes? of course the files don't. 3d finished product only. Thank you

Hey, thanks for your comment. yes of course is possible to buy a license for sale, each model has a cost of 100 euros. greetings

Bonsoir pourriez-vous me répondre et m'aider?
Car je vous ai acheter ce fichier et je ne peux rien faire avec, merci d'avance, cordialement.

Bonjour, merci pour votre achat, j'ai vérifié le modèle et il fonctionne correctement. pourriez-vous m'envoyer un email merci

Bonsoir je vous ai acheter votre jardinier mais je ne peux pas le charger dans mon slicer pour pouvoir l'imprimer, aidez-moi, cordialement.

do you plan to make figures dressed in clothes from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s?
i collect scale cars of those eras and i can't get figures to go with them. chauffeurs, ladies, girls, gentlemen, drivers, etc.
thank you very much

Hello. I'm looking for a figure of a terrified woman lying on the bed. It's for a diorama. Could you create one to buy it?

hello thanks for your question could you send me some photos through my telegram greetings telegram: hm_gigitoys

Bonjour, je vous ai acheter Film CAMERA GRUE en kit, l'avez-vous en complet ( FULL) 1/43 ou 1/18 , cordialement.

Bonjour, j'ai acheter ce fichier mais il est trop lourd je n'arrive pas à le charger sur mon Lychee Slicer pourriez-vous m'aider, cordialement.

what file?

Hey, I saw your miniatures in Cults3d. Loved them. I want to make an informational campaign about Information and Media War regarding the current situation in Ukraine.
My idea is to have 3D prints to support some printed materials
leading to a website with more informaation
My question is:
Can 3D prints of your designs be used in that non-commercial project if I buy them from Cults3d?

hey thanks for your visit, of course it would be great if you could use my models for informative didactic uses. which models are you interested ?

Hey dude, I just bought your VINTAGE PIN UP MILITARY model. I thought it would come with the hat. It did not. Any chance you could send me the hat?

do it , thanks for u msger

Hello, i'm interested by a few models.....can you also made models on demand?
Thanks a lot.

Hi, thanks for your visit. Yes, I can make models but they have a different price. Cheers

Hello. I sent you an email to discuss licensing. Hope to hear back from you soon.

what is your email?

So I did one of your pinstripes guy, the guys are bugging me to sell them one. First of all, I don't sell anything, and don't wanna. Does someone do a 1/24th scale version of this dude so people can buy him?

hello thanks for your question and your honesty, you make it possible for designers to still work, to be sell or replicate not for personal use, you would have to buy a license with a cost of 100 euros, with this license you can sell the copies that you can. Cheers


Last week I purchased the Girl snorkel set 2 -
Unfortunately when I tried to print the model, the printing company told me that the file is broken, there are some holes, and they are not able to print it.
Could you please check it and reply to me or you can contact me at
Thank you!

Best regards,

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hello, sorry just came back from my vacation and saw your message. I checked the file and did not find any problem


I was wondering if you create your own 3d files? If so, could I request a quote for a custom 1/18 figures? Please send me an msg.


hello thanks for your visit, that's correct I produce the figures, could you send me some photos and the idea you have.
you can contact by telegram as hm_gigitoys or gmail

🤼 I am creating 3D Printable Miniatures (figures) 🤼 🤾‍♂️ ⛹️‍♂️ 🏌️‍♂️ 🤺
🔥 I invite you to see my work, you can also order designs 🔥
💰 Please check my profile : ➡️ ⬅️
🙏 Thank you for your support

Hi, its a possible print in scale 1:87 ? tks

Hola si todos los archivos pueden ser re-escalados, ya qué son archivos stl. Saludos

Hello your models look great i was wondering if i 3d printed them if i could sell them in my diorama club . and thank you for your hard work.

Hello, thank you for your recognition of my work, I'm sorry but these models are copyrighted. They are for personal use, not for sale. you want to sell these models in your club you have to pay the rights.

Hola me haces precio por el dj y un bailarín?

por un minimo de 5 figuras.

me puedes contactar por telegram Hm_gigitoys

Hello, I want to have 44 different 3d modeling drawings, can you help me? If you send me your e-mail address, I can contact you.

my telegram is Hm_gigitoys

Vielen Dank