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Hi!! I saw you message, thank you for downloading!
I'm fixing the mistakes in the models, thank you for pointing them out.
I'm going to upload the fixed versions now, but i can email them to you so you dont have to pay for them again. Send me an email to so i can attach the files there.


Hi I would like to apologize as two of the files you purchased from our store were corrupted and I recently noticed. The damaged design is "large moroccan shape". But do not worry! I have already fixed them, I have just uploaded the new files to the list, but in case they do not appear, please share your email with me to send them to you. And again an apology for the inconvenience.


Hi, thanks for your purchase. If you need to create a custom cookie cutter, please contact me

I also have a wholesale offer for you, which includes over 3000 cookie cutter models on various topics. Cartoons, films, etc. At a very competitive price.
Let me know if you are interested.

You can contact me on:
WhatsApp +79048899862

Hi! Your message is well received! Can you please send the design/sketch to so i can respond with a draft? Thank you very much! I hope to respond in the email as soon as possible. Thank you!