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Hi, any chance of getting the plans for the screw gun pictured?

The screw gun is a commercial product, from those Battat toys.

Hi, any chance you can upload your Nijntje Duplo model?

Sorry, Nijntje is/was uploaded on my Thingiverse account but blocked by Mercis bv. :(

the dump truck is very nice. I printed it a year ago. So I tried the newer files.
The nuts are to large for the new wheels. Is it possible to get nuts with smaller surrounding? Thanks Peter

Forget my Comment about the Nuts. These are completely fine. wheel_big_optionA_complete.stl is the problem. The nuts don't fit in and also the Wheel is to "thick" for the axle of the Body. So if you fit the nut, the wheel will not spin because of this...
Please fix. Thanks!

Please let me know the improvement.

Thanks a lot. I think my son will have a lot of fun with your design.

Hello, added to "platform_v1_open".
(I guess most people buy this trailer including the fire truck, which uses the same open platform part.)
Tnxs for reporting.

Hi, just added the 'duplo_trailor' for the camper.
Tnxs for reporting.

I bought the tow truck and the goose neck trailer. But i cannot find the file for the truckplatform open - only the platform closed. From where do i get the missing file?

Hey there, I bought the Duplo-compatbile car models, but cannot find the base for the VW Camper. Help?

Hi Martin,
I tried the same thing, creating some compartments inside those boxes (from these stl models).
But found out, there are quite some tolerances on these boxes in real life, so it was not fitting my laser cut stuff very well.
So keep that in mind, when designing those compartments.
I'm sorry, but there are no CAD files available, only stl.
Best regards,


Just bought your IKEA SAMLA bundle.
Thinking of bnuilding some modfied containers for compartment storage inside the samla box, but I would be ideal if I had some STP files that I could work with rather then the STL files provide. Is there any chance I might get hold of some STP files from you?
My ordernumber is 13900998
Not sure if this forum allows med to send you my email adress or not?

Kindest Regards


There is no STL for the gun, it's still under development.
But I'm happy to upload a trial version soon.

The other engine (different orientation, but compatible) is a part from 2CV and dump truck.
I'll make that more explicit in the photo, that's not part of the Jeep collection.
Thanks for you remarks.

hey, i bought you Jeep, but i think a few parts are missing, i think the Gun is missing and the second engine too.... Could you help me please?

hi, the dom tower should be able to print support less.
good luck printing :)

Hi, I would like to print the dom tower model, at a height of 30cm with a fine 0.1 layer (Ultimaker S5, also from Utrecht ;)). As you can imagine, this will take time so I want to prepare the settings correctly. Does the model require support and if so, at which angle?
Kind regards.

hi there. i recently purchased the tow truck and am looking for the double cab - can you please let me know where the "link" is to get it that's referred to on the listing?

thank you.

Thanks for your support, by downloading that many toys :)
And good to hear, your kids do love them!

Well, all trucks (fire truck, tow truck & rocket launcher) are including the military looking cabin. You find the file within the "" file, part called: "cabin_oshkosh_hemtt_v4.stl". (If you cannot find it somehow, just download the firetruck again, it's free if you use the same account on cults.)

I already have the Dump Truck, FireTruck, MONSTER JEEP WILLY and the Goose Neck Trailer. My Kids love to play with it.
Now I would like to print a Truck like in the picture:
Now I would buy the "FEMTT OSHKOSH UPGRADE TO: 8X8 + WINCH". My question is, where to get the military like Cabin as the FireTruck Pakage contains the flat one? Is it included in the OSHKOSH UPGRADE?

Thanks :)

Wheel option A: one tire, single print single color.
Wheel option B: print tire with TPU or you need dual color printer and then print both parts at once, so you get a 2 color version.
It's not possible to mount a PLA tire on a PLA rim (unless, you print/cut half a tire (twice) and glue it on the rim).
I'll update the description, since this explanation lost some how.

hello i buy monster jeep and with file wheel_big_optionB_trim.stl how im insert into wheel_big_optionB_tire_Jeep.stl, im printed but i cant insert!
im printed in PLA

Hi Edge,

Voor twee wegwijzer palen voor de stad Utrecht zouden we jouw design willen gebruiken die hier fier bovenaan prijkt.
Aangezien deze 3D-files niet voor commerciële doeleinden zijn zou ik graag willen weten of dit mogelijk is. Hoor het graag


Hi, somehow it was lost during latest upgrade. Anyway it's added again, thanks for letting me know.
So just re-download the jeep again (for free, using same account).

Hi, I purchased the monster jeep model but I didnt found the engine file. could you let me know where can I found it. Thanks!