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Hello sorry me again
Can I get the mushroom cutter in a deboss version aswell pretty please X

Hello Bianca, don't be sorry :) I'm happy when I get a messages from you. I've added the debosser :) Cheers!

Unfortunately a lot of the designs you are uploading are being repeatedly copied from existing Copyrighted cookie cutter designs.
Your replication and reproduction of Copyrighted works has been taken under advisement and further action is now being considered.
Please take this as initial notice to cease and desist the replication, reproduction & tracing of existing cookie cutter designs & images without the permission from original designers and/or Copyright owners.

I mean, I'm a designer so do you design and sell your illustrations?

Hello again, I totally agree with you. As I mentioned in my previous message, I only draw models with drawings since maybe more than a year. Not from an image of an actual cookie cutter. I totally understand how disappointing to see a design of your own which is copied by someone. I didn't read your first message carefully. I thought you were warning me that someone copied my designs :) So I'm sorry about that misunderstanding. So we are on the same page with you. The goal is to protect each other's rights. One day one of my customers told me that he was warned by someone about a model that we designed for him. The person who warned him was complaining about it to be copied because it was copyrighted. So I checked my design and the source was an actual cookie cutter image that I traced. But it was sent to me by my client. After that day we started to accept only drawings, not actual cookie cutters. So for the last 1 year at least there is not a model that is traced from an actual cookie cutter.

Maybe my clients find the drawings of the items or maybe they draw them by looking at it. That's why I wanted to check what models you were referring because I wanted to check my source files.

I can't create time for Cults3d anymore as I could. I just upload some designs times to times. And there are more than a few hundreds that are awaiting to be uploaded. So I know you're trying to approach with good intentions so that's why I want to help you to protect your copyrighted models. But I need to check the source files from where I created the models too. I know this chat box is not good enough to share photos or even maybe links, so you can send an email whatever you want to be removed with the copyright documents so that I can take immediate action. Even if you don't have a copyright document as of yet, it's ok, I just need to see the source files that I have and the images that you'll show or the links on my profile.

And yes my profile contains some Disney and other brands documents. But I buy most of them from marketplaces such as ETSY with their rights. So if there is a problem doing their cookie cutters than the people who sold me the SVGs also have problems with me :)

Anyway, I don't want to keep these messages too long here and take your time. And I'm very appreciative your advice about not tracing an image and creating unique models. That is how it should be.

And please, as I said we're on the same page, I want to help. Please let me know from my email which models you were referring that you designed.

I also have a question: Do you design models and make cookie cutters or do you make illustrations for designers like me?


Yes, it has been my designs. I understand you would have a large catalogue by now, and I have been noting them for quite a few months.
Images of my designs, like many others, are only in circulation either as photograph of a finished product (cookie cutter & stamp) or as a photograph of a finished cookie. This being the case, an image provided to you by one of your customers, would be an image of something someone else made. Even if the watermark or original company detail has been cropped out of the photo provided to you by your customer, the fact that it is a photograph of an existing item, means you would be aware that you are replicating the works of someone else.

A lot of the listings I have noted are not just of a singular design, but are of multiple designs in a themed collection. A collection of replicas cannot merely be a coincidence in this case, but is quite deliberate. The ones that are copied from my designs are identical, for example. By tracing a photo that has been provided to you, every single line and detail is the same, with little to no effort made to differentiate from the original. Because I draw designs myself, I can very quickly recognise when someone has traced my work.

So in summary, if you are provided a photograph, do not trace the image. Instead, create something uniquely yours. Simply & blindly recreating something at a customer's behest may only subject you to further formal action by Copyright owners.
PS - Your profile contains a lot of designs that fall under the likes of Disney, Dreamworks, Epic Games, SmartStudy and Hasbro as well, so...

Oh, It was your desings that are copied? Could you please let me know which ones? Because I usually work with my customers upon their custom request. And I don't know where the drawings come from. My client sends it to me and I do the cookie cutter. And if it's not an exclusive design, I also list them on Cults3d. So please let me know which model is copied. Because I have too many models that are coming from different sources. So it would be very difficult to understand or find what model/s you're referring to.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for your quick response Dwain,
It is my own designs that have been copied. I explicitly draw original works and therefore can personally verify that I am the only owner. Copyright and Commercial Rights are non-transferable (cannot be sold) without the express permission of the original owner, and I have not given this permission to anyone. Commercial Rights do not apply to counterfeit replications and cannot be sold or transferred by someone they do not belong to. I won't need to list or link the listings in question, as I trust you would already be aware which have been created by tracing other people's images. Your cooperation in removing these listings would be much appreciated.

Hello and thank you very much for your consideration. I also sell my models in bulk packages with their commercial rights. You might have seen someone who bought that bundle but just in case, would you mind sharing me the website where you thought my models have been copied? Thank you again for your kind approach.

Fabulous thanks so much, are you able to do it in deboss aswell at all ?

Apologies it was someone else's not yours .....but I will email you with a couple pictures of what I'm after and see if they're possible ?

Oh I didn't see that. Can you write the page link here plesae?

Not yet I haven't no sorry different time zone to you I think so been asleep lol

I also sent a message enquiry if you can deboss your mother's Day baby kiss one aswell at all ?

Hello Bianca, I think you haven't purchased it yet have you?

Legend thanks so much

Oh yes I forgot. I'm uploading it now.

hello me again
im wondering if you can do your thankyou stamp without the pencil and also in a deboss ?
thankyou :) Bianca

Hello Bianca :) It's ready. I've uploaded to Cults3d. Thank you.

I'm wondering if you can do the butterfly in the debosser stamp instead at all ?
Thankyou so much

Thank you Bianca :) I really appreciate it. I'll be uploading more as soon as I can find time. :)

Thankyou so much for always accommodating me, I have a small collection of your designs now :)

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Hello Bianca, yes I have created its debosser and uploaded to the same listing. If you buy the model it will come also with the debosser. Thank you very much for your interest in my designs :)

Hola una consulta que diferencia hay entre estos modelos tel mismo juego que tenés para revender..
Hay diferencia de calidad ? O tiene tu marca impresa?

Hola, no se de que modelo hablas pero mis modelos en esta plataforma son solo para uso personal. Si desea venderlos, puede contactarme en y con una tarifa adicional de derechos comerciales, puede comenzar a vender los modelos físicos en cualquier mercado. La calidad de estos modelos es la misma.

i downloaded the model and only 3 are in the set that is available for download, Please send me 4 file or refund me

Thank you very much for letting me know about the problem. The missing file has been uploaded already.


 i am writing to you because furry87 has purchased some stl files which you are selling on  it uses your files to sell the printed designs on  here is the link: .  

It does the same with my files.  

he advertises his 3d prints on facebook.  his name is Chris Googley Miller on Facebook.  he has to stop making money with our creations.

Laurent Fabregat 

Hi can you make me a stl file of the numbers 25 with "twenty five" written in script under the numbers can pay. Cookie cutter and stamp. Thanks

Hi, yes sure. Could please contact me from my email?


Hello, I love your cookie cutter, I bought the download and was wondering if it would okay to sell some prints?

Hello, thank you very much for your interest in my designs. I appreciate it. I only have maybe 5 or 10 percent of my models which are for commercial use and in order to be able to sell them you need to buy the right listings which is indicating that it has the commercial rights in the description. I checked the models you purchased but un fortunately they're only for personal use. If you really want to sell them commercially, please get in touch with me from my email. It's and if you paypal me the extra commercial license that I'll calculate for you, you can use them commercially as well. I'll be waiting to hear from you.


hi there
i bought the Happy Easter bunny file and the picture shows it has the embosser and also a debosser but the download only gave me the embosser.......does it not come with the debosser as thats what i wanted. thankyou

Hello! Thank you very much for your interest in my designs. I appreciate it. You're totally right. The file is missing. It should be included as shown in the picture. I've just uploaded the missing file. Thank you very much for warning me about this. Happy printings :)

Hello, I bought a nutcracker cookie cutter and stamp from you, but when printing the stamp it cannot print when it goes to the detailed parts, and when I print it at 0.2, it cannot print because the eye parts are too thin. Can you help me with this? (I use Prusa Slicer.)

Hello again, I received your email and it looks like the slicer shows everything perfectly fine. But your printed sample doesn't seem perfect yet. But I believe it's only related with your slicer settings. Because the model's eye and other small details are higher than 1.5mm in size and there is no anywhere in the model less then this size. I also use Prusa Slicer and I print my files with a Prusa MK3S+, I suggest you to tweak your slicer settings. There is also another thing you can try. I suggest you to subscribe to Facebook Prusa Users community and share the printed model. I believe you're going to get more valuable suggestions there to improve your print quality. I hope this helps you for the next steps.

Hello! Thank you very much for reaching out. I tried that model several times without making any tweak. Even with 0.3mm Layer Height everything prints very well. Can you send a photo of your sliced model to ? It would be easier for me to understand what is going on in your Prusa Slicer.

Valentine Cookie Cutter (Alternative) 5 <---- a file is missing in the download .. there is only the frame and not the central file with the heart and the x :|

Hello, I'm so sorry for this. I'm uploading the missing file now. Thank you for the warning.

Thank you. I have done this and, although it fixes the problem with the mouth, it means the buckle in the belt type piece around the hat is so compacted that it does not come out in the impression.


Ok no worries. I'm updated the file with a thicker mouth :) You'll get notified about the update very soon :)

Hi! I was looking for some new Valentine’s Day cookie cutter designs! Can you please get back to me. Thank you!

Hello, yes sure. Can you write me from my email please?

The Leprechaun I have just purchased does not work. The mouth is too small / thin so that it does not print as one complete piece. If you slice it using Prusa silcer you will see this without the need to print it. Could you edit it / make one that does work and send it to me please.


Hello Nick,

If you're using a Prusa Slicer to slice the models, you should check XY compensation setting. Please make it 0.15 or 0.2 and retry :)

Hi, i have just emailed you this same message, we are after some earring size shapes (3cm) in the shape of kangaroos, sunglasses, thongs and the map of Australia, can you help us out

Hello, thank you very much. I replied your email!

I just purchased your winnie the pooh set and it seems to be missing the cutter for the balloon stamp.
Also, your description says that all your designs have the commercial rights to sell the physical product however the title says 'for personal use only'. Can these ones be sold?

Hello! Thank you very much for your interest in my designs. I appreciate it. I've updated the models right away. Sorry for the inconvenience. About the commercial rights, this model doesn't have any explanation about commercial rights. It's only for personal use. My general description is about the custom designs you order personally from me :) If you ask me to make a custom design from me, I grant you with all the commercial rights of the physical cutters. But the winnie the pooh set is as explained in the title, is only for personal use. If there is no any explanation in the description that the model can be used commercially, it's always for personal use. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you wish to sell the Winnie the pooh set commercially, please get in touch with me via Thanks.

Hello Alfred, thank you very much for your interest in my designs. I sold the same set to many other customers and I never had a feedback about they were not working. I don't know what the specific problem is but it looks like you find the walls a little too thick for your taste. There are different ways to make the walls thinner before you print the models.

If you're using a Prusa Slicer to slice the models, you should check XY compensation setting and try some minus values like -0.10 or -0.15. You can find the right setting which will for for you.

If you're using Cura to slice the models, then the corresponding setting name for this is Horizontal Expansion. Please find that setting and apply a minus value like -0.10 or maybe -0.15, -0.20. After you slice the models, you can leave it at a setting of your taste.

If you use positive values to this setting, it will make the walls thicker, the minus values will make the walls thinner.

I hope this helps :)

Kind regards,


I bought your nutcracker cookie cutter and I was wondering do you maybe have coloring scheme for him?

Thanks in advance :)

I see. To be honest, I can't say anything clear now but I suggest you to check Pinterest Nutcracker models. There are many of them. I'm sure you can find a nutcracker model that you would like the color scheme. :) Then you can try those colors on the cookie :)

Hi, I am planing to color the sugar coating, so any kind of help would be great :)

Hello, thank you very much for your interest :) To be honest, It's been a long time I designed that cookie cutter and I really don't remember which schema I used :)) Are you planning to paint the sugardough?

Thank you for making these. My daughter will enjoy them!

Thank you very much :) I hope you all enjoy doing cookies with them :) Add some cinnamon powder to the cutters to have a better visual prints on the dough :)?

Hi, I just wanted to say your christmas embossers are so that you are not just doing stamps embossers are the way forward. Thank you

Hi, what a consindence :) I just sent you a message and you sent me a message too :) I'm happy you like the designs. Please contact me from The pieces you bough are actually a few models of a big bundle that I haven't shared anywhere yet. So if you're interested, I'll send you the model photos via email :)

Thank you again!

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Hola, tienes unos diseños de cortadores de navidad de 12 personajes, pero solo me interesan 4, podríamos llegar a un acuerdo? te envié un correo, gracias

hi can I apply for other books like yours but written in Italian? type ; auguri - auguri mamma - auguri papa' - congratulazioni - Il mio Battesimo - La mia Prima Comunione - buon compleanno

Hello, thank you very much. I have replied your email half an hour ago :) See you there :)

I wrote you an mail thanks

Hi, I'm toying with purchasing the Boom all designs bundle after really liking the Halloween bundle but I really like some of the newer designs, is there a more up-to-date all in one option?

Hello, I can definitely help you to combine it with my all newer models. Would you mind contacting me via email? My address is

I’ll be waiting for your email

Thank you very much for your interest in my designs.