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4 commentaires

Hello! I am interested in printing and selling your models in 1:9 scale for model horse hobbyists. Is this allowed, or is it possible to purchase a special license? Thank you so much!

Hello there sorry I were a little long to answer you 💕
As long you only sell things in the scale of 1:9 you have my permission 😊 but please do let people know that the design is from "DRNbabyz"

Thank you so very much for asking first 💕
And now I feel like creating things like fence's and bucket and other hors useable things LOL maybe something like that will come up in a few days, especially for you (well I will be making it in 1:12 as normal)

Hi order your 1:12 scale wine bottle do you have a solid 3d model or one with out the hole at the bottom?

Hi there I made these bottles for the resin printer, so without the hole in the bottom, the resin will get stuck in the bottle, what is not good at all, there for the hole.
I just went to my designe, and remouved the mittle hole, and will uploade the bottles in the same library as this one

hello there! i purchased the spray cans earlier and there are no labels included for the cans. if you have them id love to get them lol

Find me on my facebook, then we can see what I can do, but I actually got my lables from google, just googeling paint lables, and then printing them out so the fits

hola! necesito de tu ayuda.. compré uno de tus archivos pero no puedo verlo en mi historial, habria manera de reenviarlo para poder descargarlo? lo unico que tengo es el cupón de pago en un mail que me envió mi tarjeta de crédito

Hola, I hope it is okay that I write you in English, as my Spanish still isn't that good.
What file did you buy? and yes I can send you the file, I just need a email from you