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Ok I understand and thanks for the response I'm New to all this stuff

Could these be scaled up to fit a 1/10th scale size

Hi Keith, the bodies could be done bigger, take in mind the thickness will increase proportionally so some will be really thick

can i buy the two malibu hoods you offer just the hoods?

Good Morning. I am Inquiring of commercial use on some subjects. Thank You

Hi. email me

can you design a demolition derby car front and rear bumper in 1:24-1:25 scale?

Hi. email me some pictures

Do you have a full car file for Porsche 935?

no, email me pictures and we could talk about design it

Hello, I was inquiring about commercial use of your files?

email me

todos los corollas que vendo fueron impresos en 1/64 sin problemas, solo trata con cuidado los pilares al sacar los soportes

Thank you.

Hello, can you print and shipping this to my adress please?

Hello, I don´t do that, purchase the file and get a person that could print or just use the service that cults3d offers

Hello, I solved the problem of the splitter, I sent you a gt86 tail lamp in email, see if you can make it, I am waiting for your answer, but I want it in the exact size.

Sorry i can´t do a piece like that and spect to fit on the car... would be a miracle with that pictures and some dimensions

thanks do you cant find a blueprint? this name is intec gt86 tail loght i can pay for this model 50€

not from that part, i dont know how have to attach on the car, cant test it

I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me with a project. I am a veteran. And I would like an stl file of the battlefield cross. I would like to print if for some of my brothers. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. Thank you!

Sorry I´m not good at human modelling

Hello Friend,

I discovered today that you have made this amazing prototype body. I would certainly like to use it. But before that I have some small changes to be made to make it more authentic to scale. I do get you make few changes for ease of printing. But I would want More details. Can I purchase this file in its native format. So that I can edit the 3d file. I can send you the reworked file in case you want it. Let me know what are your thoughts on this one.

email me

Sent email with photos.

You ever plan on making a Ford 9 inch rear end. One with gear hump sticking out on housing?

could you email me some pictures?

Hola amigo cuánto cuesta la licencia para re venderlos despues de echos?

Hi just wondering what scale this is made for thanks

this is my comment section, write it under the file you are interested

Hi there, im trying to purchase your Toyota Corolla K70 model, but my debit card is saying that it cant work with this site?
Are your models on any other site that i can buy it from? Or would it be possible to sort this transaction out any other way?
Kind regards, :)

Do via PayPal should work straight away

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Any chance you have a FWD SR20DE engine model? Everything Im finding is the RWD version, but they are slightly different

Hi, I don´t have engines done

Ah ok, shoot. Wasn't sure if that was something you could put together. Thanks for the response anyway

I'm looking for truck glad hands you wouldn't happen to have a download for those would you?

Hi, email me pictures and dimensions please

Would it be possible to sell prints design? With proper recognition

yep. just credit nahuelcustoms as designer

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thank you!

Good morning, I need a solid design like this for a leyland ts7 tiger bus, is it possible?

Hi, email me

your price for the funny car nova bodies, how much are they in dollars?

you can change the currency and language at top part of the page, (a purple little box with 3 letters)

thank you i got it now

Sir, May I get permission to sell a few prints from the 57 Buick?

Hi, you can but name the designer on the sales

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Your facebook was probably hacked

hi my friend, can you make 1986 mazda 323 hatchback 5 window for me? and inform me for the price. thank you