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11 commentaires

Hello, i am wondering where piece #4 goes, the small peice, thanks

That would be awesome!
BTW, what about a voidwalker helmet? :D

Hi man!
Love the Apex models!
would you consider making a bundle for all of them?

anyway, amazing work!

hey dude i love your models could you make the body shield for apex legends?

I recently downloaded your "Bloodhound Heirloom" Axe and I ran in to some slight difficulties trying to slice it.
There seems to be a problem with how the feathers on the main part of the axe have been connected. The fact
that the axe and the feathers just overlap and are not joined seems to throw Cura off when I try to slice that part of the axe.

It would be super if you could use a bolean operation or similar to actually join the different parts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi friend, I want to buy mirage heirloom model, wondering if you will update so it has correct bottom not hollow. thanks

Hello friend, I am trying to buy the APEX LEGENDS BLOODHOUND HEIRLOOM – RAVEN’S BITE AXE and it gives me an error, some other way to buy it? I am from Argentina