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7 commentaires

Great news! Thank you. My PS3 controllers will be very happy 😀.

Hi Did you had time to make the PS3 version finally? Thanks!

Hey Damien! leave it with me and I'll have something done later this week. I have a ps2 and ps3 controller on my desk to measure so should have them up soon :)

Hello, I love your PS4 controller holder. It's really great. But now my PS3 controllers feel aggrieved 😂. Would it be possible to make them an adapted holder too? Thanks for them! Damien

Hi, I am wondering if I could sell the xbox controller holder? Not the files, but I was going to make the product and sell it. I would greatly appreciate your permission! Thank you!

Where i could buy one of those x box controller mount

Yeah man no worry’s. What’s it you wanting ? Hopefully I can help

Hi bud, I'm looking for someone to make a model for me, all I want is the STL file and I will print it my self, any chance you could help me with this