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Attention les amis, il ne s'agit pas d'une messagerie privée mais bien d'un fil de discussion public. C'est un lieu d'échanges, merci de rester courtois et respectueux. Toutes sollicitations commerciales ou malveillantes sera supprimée. Bonne discussion !

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I can’t control what you do in your private sphere anyway ;).
No problem.

Hi friend

I love the biker scout blaster model you have done and was wondering am I able to sell a few 3d prints of this to my friends. I have no interest in mass production and I am not very up to date on the rules as I'm very new to printing. All I want to do is cover the cost of material and printer usage.

Sorry for my ignorance on the matter and thank you for your time.

My son loves the harry potter wand wall mounts you have designed! Anyway to get the cad files, we want to fill in the mount holes and just double sided tape to wall mount. Thanks!

hey ya, great model BTW! just wondering if you have a wand bracket with professor McGonagall mini-panel?

many thanks Wayne