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Hey, I already bought the 6 special goblins from you. Is it possible to buy the rest without buying the whole team? Greetings Michael

Well, we can create another publication with the other models without the secret weapons if you are interested ...

This would be great!

Thank you very much. I bought them immediately. Great work, keep it up!

Hey! I just bought you "Goblins BB Secret Weapons". Is it possible to get the Files without the Bases too? Greeting Michael

ok, today I will try to put the version without base

version without base available

What a great service! Thank you very much!

Hello everybody!!!

In gratitude for your downloads we offer you to publish your Makes of the printed and painted equipment.

We will send all of you who publish the photos, via email, the Dungeon Bowl room pack for free.

Thank you for your collaboration and trust.

Hola a todos!!!

En agradecimiento por vuestras descargas os ofrecemos que plubliqueis vuestros Makes de los equipos impresos y pintados.

A todos los que publiqueis las fotos os mandaremos, via email, de forma gratuita el pack de salas de Dungeon Bowl.

Gracias por vuestra colaboracion y confianza.

Thx a lot! Mail sent, waiting for your answer now!


Hello, we have had a problem with the email account, you can contact us at ""

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Hello Jonathan!
We have created a patreon and we are adding content to it, in the next few weeks we will post our new goblin team.
For you are still interested we have made a commercial subscription level.
All the best

Hey Calaverd! Would like to talk about business with you (I'm a 3d printer), is there somewhere I can catch and chat with you? Mail, Discord, twitter, facebook?

I have added a compressed rar file with the models, I have checked them and they seem to work, to see if you have no problems with the new ones.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much.

I'm looking at what happens, in a moment the file and I verify it

Thank you very much. I bought both of them.

Hello good day. I have added the versions of the Bretonnian and Baseless Chaos Dwarves teams, I hope you like it

That would be appreciated, I would prefer them to fit in with my other teams. I would buy the "BRETONIANS BB" and "KAOS TEAM BB FANTASY FOOTBALL" files if the bases were seperate.

hello catsniffer, we are improving the halflings as soon as we have them we will put photos of the whole team

Hello JustAMalcontent, the equipment comes with the built-in base but if you are interested I can add the version without base

Do your blood bowl teams come already attached to the bases or can they be printed apart from them?

Hello I hope you're well! Do you have any photos of the Halfling BB team please? There's only 3 on the page.

hi, the file * .rar can be unzipped with "winrar" and other programs that accept this type of files, I just downloaded and unzipped it and it works correctly.
I hope it has been helpful.
A greeting.

Hello, I just bought the Chaos Dwarfs team, but I have a problem with the Equipo Enanos del Caos file which does not want to extract itself.