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hi i can't download any of your models. it keeps saying there is an error when I try.

Hi, by any chance do you have a pre supported SNEAKY BOI? I'd be willing to toss a few bucks.

Hello i try to print your A TUNA head file and there is ann issue, head has onlu surface Chitu and Lyce cannot print it casue it doesnt have wall thicknes could you repair that file and download it?

Dear sir

Are you planning to do another nexus meteor missile system?

Hey man. I was wondering if your awesome A Tuna model is already scaled correctly. Please let me know :)

Hi Ben,

As a couple have mentioned below I'm also having issues with the head of the A-Tuna model causing issues when printing is it possible to get a fixed version? It seems to be an issue with the walls of the main head section being too thin


Hi Benjamin,

I just wanted to thank you. I contacted you about this before, then life happened and I dropped the ball. A couple of months ago, I bought the STL for the XV91 battlesuit from your Gumroad store. I got most of it printed, then had the bright idea to reinstall Windows on my pc, and like a moron, I wiped all my STLs out. When I asked you, you kindly let me know I would be able to download it again. I really appreciate your excellent customer service and your honesty. Now as soon as I get my printer fixed...

Happy new year,
--Buck Hedges

Here you go:

Any chance of a grey knight box robot?
Also amazing work 👏

Awesome stuff! Do you also do Chaos Dreadnoughts?

Hi Ben, I also am trying to build the a-tuna model, I am also having problems getting the head to print. Please help

Hi Ben, currently building your Tuna model, I'm having issues with the mesh on the head. No matter what I try to do to fix it I can't seem to get it to print. I am completely unfamiliar with Blender, If Netfabb or the repair function in 3dbuilder doesn't work I'm just lost.

you dont happen to have a thanatar like model

Hey there, I really love your Arty Boi model! Is there any chance that you'll add the other options for the small guns (airbursts)?

hi. i wanna know if you've still designed an yvahra model, i try to find in but without any success.
king regards

Just dropping a line to let you know I absolutely love your NoFear-robots. Thanks for your work!

Hey there Ben,

I am a huge fan of your work and will be printing The A_Tuna model you have created in the next couple weeks!
I was wondering, have you worked on creating a Stormsurge file by chance? I would love to print off one of these models by you if you have one you are working on! Cheers and keep up the excellent work!