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7 commentaires

Hey I would like to purchase the Witcher bust. However id like to upscale it and print it on my ender 3 What suggestions would you give towards supports to print it smoothly ?

hey i bought the file from you for spiderman would u be able to change the file type for me it wont let m eupload it i need an stl file not rar thanks

Hi Just download a small program call winRar and excrat the STL with that program, if you have problems doing that let me know.

Hey do u just do supports for the arms mainly on your models do u set it to touching build plate or everywhere for supports thanks

Hello. I have a fairly large issue with your spider-man bust model. The two files are scaled very differently making it very hard to size them properly while slicing. Also, the webbing on spider-man's shoulders is actually raised off of the model causing print issues.

Hi there, I have never head of any of these problems since I started selling the model. Would you mind sending screenshots to my @

Have you made any alterations to the model that might mess with the scale and the shoulders?

Thank you for replying. I haven't made any alterations. I'm sending screen shots your way.

any chance of an updated version of the batman bust to be more accurate now that the movie is out? the neck, the scratches and dents on the cowl etc? thanks.

hello, how should the dimensions be?

Je viens d'acquérir ce Venom, avez vous des conseils pour l'impression concernant sa dentition ?