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Both options would be preferable.
I try to print variations for an entire table for my armies

Hi, I will have both options available in a hour or so! Thankyou!

Hi, I have a Version here with 3 variation in the same pack! I hope this is expectable!

Hi, If you would like different option I can make that as well! Thankyou!

Can you make it possible to just purchase the gate with the ladies?
I'd buy that :)

Hi, I will check for you to see if Its available!

If you would like the model with just the figures and the top arch removed I could do that also!

Hi there its the Wizard Dragon Emperor Tower Ruin collection

Hi, Those models come with ladies around the gate! Since 3D preview is sideways on those ones I can just about see them!
I hope that answers your question on the model! Thankyou for your support!

It's the Wizard Dragon Emperor Tower Ruin collection

Does this file have the file to print the lady looking gate type thing in the front right hand corner of the picture?

Hi, Could you link me the model with the lady looking gate in the render please Thankyou! I can then let you know if its included which it most likely is! Thankyou!

Hello Joseph,
I found your steampunk airships brilliant.
May I have two questions?
1. Are those 3D files coming in parts or it's just one single big file?
2. Do You have an stl for engine only?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, Thankyou ! The models come in one complete file and are in obj file format!! The texture need to be manually applied also since they are tiled textures!

Hi, If you want to have STl versions please contact me on I may be able to send you stl versions on the models you like! Thankyou !

So If I dismount the obj in Blender into several smaller files Should I 3D print them one by one?

Yes I suggest trying that! There very detailed models! you wont be able to get the rope details printed though!

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Do you allow selling 3d printed figurines of your work?
Can we discuss how we can cooperate?

Thank You!

Hi, At the moment I don't allow selling 3d printed models of my work! I am open for commissions though!

I just ran across your works and I have to say it is some of the most unique stuff I've seen yet. Cool seeing the contrast between various mythos of the past and the fictions of the future. In a way they almost collide. They're incredibly detailed, which is a little intimidating. Are they fairly difficult to properly print? Thanks.

Hi, Thankyou! I have many more to upload! As for printing The statues have printed quite easily! The architecture might need some tinkering to get all those details in though! I have a much larger collection on cg trader and am in the process of getting more on here !

Goedendag, kunt U voor mij : Pillars rows Baroque fantasy 3D model, omzetten in STL.file ?