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  • This text is a translation. I may be misunderstanding your question. In that case, please contact us again.

Nice to meet you, Tina
The unit of magnet size is mm.

The default magnet size written in the instructions is optimal.
However, up to about 1 mm, it is possible to assemble even if it is smaller than the specified diameter.

  • Example If the default size is Φ15 mm, it can be assembled up to the minimum Φ14 mm without modification. This is the same for spheres.

Second, if the height of the magnet you can get is small, it may be possible to assemble even 2/3 of the default size. However, it is necessary to install a dummy for the reduced size.

  • Example If the default height is 15mm, you can reduce it to about 10mm. However, attach a dummy with a height of 5 mm to the magnet.

Next, as written in the manual, the gap between the magnet and the mating component is very important. By making a disc with a height of about 1 mm and sandwiching it at the time of bonding, you can surely make a gap with the other component.

  • Example (see Neodymium magnet layout and Parts layout) After applying the adhesive to the magnets of KNEE1-1,1-2, incorporate them into thigh. Then, a part with a diameter of 15 mm and a thickness of 1 mm is placed on the magnet. In addition, connect the assembled Lower thigh before the adhesive hardens.

After the adhesive has hardened, you can create a 1mm gap by removing the 1mm thick parts.

Lastly, attaching chamois leather to the shoulder and hip joints is quite effective for posing. The pasting example has been uploaded to my Twitter. Please check if you like.


Hello, my name is Tina. I'm trying to print your Kasca doll and I'm having trouble with the ball joints for the hands & feet. I can't find the magnets needed to finish it. Your file says to use 15 x 15 or 15 x 10 and all of the web sites ask for inches or mm. Could you help me?
Thank you