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hola no me deja abrirlo en chitubox. gracias!

hello i cannot open the file in chitubox

Hello! I just finished printing a super adorable Nanachi figure you designed, and I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to modify and sell just a copy of the helm they wear (no ears, fur, etc). I have no clue how much work that would be for you, as 3D modeling is largely beyond me, but I know I'd pay for it! Just a thought.

Thank you for the awesome stuff you make!

Hello !
do you have Whatsapp?

Hi there ,you can drop me msg here if you have any question :)

Bonjour Adamchai, je voulais savoir quelle taille fait la figurine ultraman au milieu des bâtiments, et est elle assez détaillée pour être agrandit dans une taille de 30 centimètres par exemple. merci de votre réponse.


Hi Mickael, thanks for reaching out, unfortunately I don't speak French so anyways I translate and roughly know your inquiries..
ok so the current model size will be at 20cm+- if I recalled, the model should be good to print until 20-40cm, the detail level you can check the preview model and close up render as they are render from the same model ,most of the details will still retain, hope this answer your question:)

merci de votre réponse, continuez à nous faire de superbes personnage, ils sont superbes :-)

Can you design cyclops saber skin on mobile legends game

Hi there, I was wondering if you could do the whole Garfield gang in the style of your odie(

Hey man, I love your designs! I recently purchased your Terrifier Chibi STL and wanted to ask if I may print, paint, and sell the model on my etsy store. I'm a huge horror fan and I'm sure tons of people would buy it. I checked the license and it only mentions not distributing the digital file, not the printed parts. I can't afford to get sued! lmao I wanted to ask permission to sell your 3d prints of your design. Of course I will credit you! please let me know when you get a chance.

Hey my friend ,sure ,I'm cool that you print and sell the physical model,if they can help your business then I glad, .. if you can continue support my model then it's a win win scenario :) recommend and credit my stuff to your friend will be appreciate.

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Thank you! I'll keep you in mind for future designs!

Hi, good morning buddy, a few days ago I've been seeing your designs and I think they're completely awesome, I love all the pokemon you've created, one in particular caught my attention, although I'm really interested in several of them, but I've I have been looking at the model of Lugia V2 that you have, and I was curious to ask you if by chance there is the possibility that you could add to the model, in addition to the original shape, make a small modification to the shape of Lugia's eyes so that it This looks like the Shadow Lugia from Pokemon XD since when I saw the genius of the model I couldn't help but imagine this same painting of the Shadow's colors together with a more darkness environment as seen in the game and I would like to know if this modification is possible.

Thanks in advance

Shadow Lugia:

Hey my friend,thank you for reaching out, I've remodel a new version of shadow Lugia, Go checck it out on my Profile.:)

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Hello my friend, I stopped by to thank you for the shadow lugia model, it really turned out incredible, I can't wait to see v2 in that impressive pose, your work is extremely incredible, I love it, keep it up and I thank you very much for the effort and that you were able to meet my request

I 3d print ear tunnels/plugs and would like to use your espeon for my eevelution line. Would you be ok if I incorporate your work and sell it? I would obviously give you credit as the original artist.

This is the Jolteon pair I printed recently.

Hey my friend, as long as you are reselling my 3d model then I'm cool with that,appreciate that you can give credit :)

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Will definitely give you credit. Thank you.

Hi! I run a pokemon TTRPG with some buddies and I like printing out the pokemon as minis to use. So I'm very interested in your pokemon models. I noticed you were thinking of starting a Patreon, I just wanted to say that I'd be very interested in that. And also, if you had some sort of even bigger bundle, that might interest me as well, as I would probably be printing many pokemon in the near future!

Hey bro ,glad that you are interested in my 3d models, this motivate me to make more of these,pls send me an email and I will make sure to send you email once I setup my patreon, now in the process of selecting welcome pack option.:)

Hi the sylvester model from looney toons doesn't have the body model in it.

Dear Buyer, Thank you for informing, the body part didn't manage to upload all the file, anyways I had reupload the file again ,,you can now redownload from the same link:)

hey bro, the body part had been uploaded, pls let me know if you still yet to download it :)

hi there, I like the Mario model. Is there anyway you can make it modular? At least with the head and body separated?

sure bro, which version you bought? the normal standing one, or the walking pose ,I will get the head split for you :)

Hi! Are you by any chance building a Totoro CatBus model? :-)

there are already cat bus in my collection, you can check my profile collection:)

Yeah I saw it but it's the piggybank. Planning to do a running/standing catbus? :-)

why not,check back regularly to see if I update:)

New Catbus is up, go check it out:)

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Oooohhhhhhh that's perfect! Im printing tomorrow! One thibg: would you be able to have it with a detachable top (like the one on thingi) so I can easily paint it inside?

Thanks I soon as my printer is free, I'll try it!

Hello.You have wonderful works! Please tell me is it possible to somehow buy your models from Russia ? Unfortunately, it is impossible to do this on the website.Thank you very much

hello, just to tell you that for the chibi clown art file the left hand is not the right size compared to the other files, thank you and have a nice day

Ok noted,thank you for letting me know ,let me have a look ,I will update the model if any problem :)

hey my friend, OK, I had redownload the file and check them, although i can't find any issues with the model scale but anyways I had spend time reexport and reupload the file again, I had examine the scale before upload so they should be correct now, some time some slicer will rescale the model piece by piece ,so pls make sure to disable rescaling the model while import and rescale the model pieces together if necessaries ,pls redownload the file again if you have any issues with the scale. Kindly let me know if you encounter any issues, happy printing and painting:)

thank you I will let you know if I have another problem, I had to resize it too it was just to point out the problem of dimension, thank you again for the job

Hey, love your Magitek Armor model. Do you have an image of it from above?

il see if I can dig him out and render the top angle :)

hey friend, Ok I've update the turn table gif file, now you can check out the top portion from the Gif file.

Oh, this is embarrasing for me. I actually meant MAGITEK ARMOR - FINAL FANTASY -魔導アーマー-FANART FIGURINE the FF7 one.

Hello! I purchased your nine-tails model and found it perfectly holds a D20,so I put a link to your model on my website for people to purchase the stl from you.

that is so nice of you~really appreciate it:),

Hey, I love your Eevee with 9 evolution pack. I've almost printed them all..I'm finding an issue with Espeon's front paws, the way they're modeled seems that the front paws don't reach to the build plate and the slicers (Cure, IdeaMaker, Lychee, Prusa) never seems to want to support those well. Even with manually added supports, I'm still having issues printing these front paws. The rest of the model prints well, just the front paws.

Hey my friend, thank you for reaching out, these are model a while back so I take your advice to fix it for you, I will send you msg here if I had them update:)

Hey My friend, I had update the Espeon leg as what you had commented, I've made the leg slightly wider and flat to the base, pls let me know if this does the job:)

amazing work i love your models. are you ok if i keep buying ur files, making them and sell some only the printed items?

sure my friend, as long as you are not reselling or sharing my digital model then I'm cool with that, actually I'm glad that my model can help your business, you can help me in return by buying from me or recommend your friend to support me to keep making these models :) if you are looking to get more model I would suggest that you send me your email so I can keep track ,Im working on a patreon account for those member who want to constantly let get model from my account:)

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i will email u my details
and Thank you

we will also link ur profile with any prints we do using your designs... thank you again keep up the great work

Hi, I love your designs, I'm just writing to let you know haha ​​and to ask if you plan to continue making designs about crash bandicoot or looney tunes? I'd like to see German shepherd or Malinois models as well, I'll wait for you patiently, a hug artist

hey there, thank you for reaching out my friend:), actually i was wonder if there is anyone interested in these model :),ok, if you are interested ,I will keep making them even if for 1 buyer is interested haha:)

Wow, really? You're the best, haha, I'm glad to know it, they're the characters from my childhood, I'm very fond of them

they are my childhood too.. I thought these are too old and no one is interested , you can see I made lot of nostalgia stuff not because they sell but it's something that dear to me..

I've seen them, I just bought the sonic one too :) At some point I'll buy them but for now I'll buy the ones you make from looney tunes or crash bandicoot, I already bought the ones you made from looney tunes, I love them :D

Buenos dias, he comprado el pack, y tiene muchos errores. realmente es la primera vez que me pasa. gracias

no worries, bro, sometime the file will have error after download, pls let me know which pack did you buy, I will make sure they are fix :)aorry for the inconvenient:)

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OK I've check you bought the eevee evolution pack correct? but I didn't received any complain on this pack after selling 150 of them, can you print screen on the model that you have error and what kind of error? if possible I will resend the whole pack for you no worries.

OK I had check the file and import to slicer to check but I found them all working ,you can see the printscreen I attach

pls give me your email here , I will forward you the models zip via email:)

sometime cult server might cause error when server are too busy:)

Perdon pero no se como enviar la captura, pero te paso mi correo.
Desde ya muchas gracias.
te doy un ej del error en Vaporeon me sales las orejan con agujeros.
Eston imprimiendo a capa 0.12

hey my friend , I've send you email ,you can forward the model that you encounter error, I'm now fixing the error on the vaporeon, yes, you are right the vaporeon neck area does have some issues when print too thin ,Im now fixing it and forward over to you ,pls let me know what other issues you encounter on email.

Hey man, i love all of your models!
Is there a patreon or something that we can gain access to all of em?

Hey man,tahks for liking my work, I am setting up patreon but not too familiar with all the setting so might take some time to get them up, will keep you update, pls send an email to me at so I can keep track on those who interested and let you know when it's up:),

Hi Adamchai,
Your models are excellent and I liked them a lot.
I'm finishing a Suika model of yours and when I'm done I'd like to mention you on my Instagram account.
Do you have an instagram account, can I mention you there?

Hey man, Thank you for making the model they are really nice! ,unfortunately currently I don't have a official Instagram on this,but I will be setting up fairly soon, you can link to my face book fan page for time being.

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this is my Instagram adamchai_makermaker

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