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Attention les amis, il ne s'agit pas d'une messagerie privée mais bien d'un fil de discussion public. C'est un lieu d'échanges, merci de rester courtois et respectueux. Toutes sollicitations commerciales ou malveillantes sera supprimée. Si vous évoquez un design en particulier, n'hésitez pas à ajouter dans votre message le lien ou à donner le titre du modèle afin que la conversation puisse être correctement orientée. Si vous souhaitez joindre des photos au sein de votre message, n’hésitez pas à téléverser vos images sur un service d’hébergement d’images en ligne gratuit comme Imgbb et à copier / coller les liens de vos images dans votre commentaire. Bonne discussion !

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Hola cuando descargo los dos modelos son iguales. No existe versión uno y dos
Me interesa la versión que tiene una sola pared, pero solo hay 2 modelos los dos con doble pared. Gracias

Hello, OTTOFRANZOIS95. Which models are you referring to? If the Cup of Cubes, you need to tell the slicer to merge outlines into a single model and then use 0% infill to get a single-wall version. The two versions are related to a small variation in the model design. Please see the model description. Thank you for your interest in my design!

Your set of quadric surfaces and cylinders looks amazing. I would love to have a set of my own, but I have no experience with 3D printing. Thus, I am wondering whether you might be interested in making a set for purchase. Your info says you are located in San Diego, so I could even pick it up in person. Just let me know how much it would take for you to do it. Thanks!

Hi-ABBYMATH-I saw your post on the marble run that you created and (I know this a longshot) wondered if you would be interested in designing another one that I have been searching for. When I was a kid, (1970s) we had an awesome, simple marble race game that I have been trying to find to use with the kids that I work with (I'm a speech-language teacher at an elementary school). It was called the Dart Marble Race. Here's a video of it I've just not been able to find anything similar to it that's made these days. Let me know if that is a challenge you'd be interested in!