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103 commentaires

Do you do custom molds?
Looking for a cheer megaphone with word Cheer for a Bathbomb fundraiser

You sent to wrong person, i dont make molds

Hi, yes we make personal molds, send us your ideas

Hi please make this dark humor mold thank you ^_^

Of course:)

Hiii please make this cow mold thank you!

Sure :)

PLEASE make a Mardi Gras mask?? It’s next week! :)

Your design it´s ready

Thank you (:

  • 1 j’aime

Please make a bubble basket like this? Thank you!

Please make this creepy bunny mold :) thank you!

Hi please make a voodoo doll bath bomb like this thank you!!

Hi again! Thank you so much for all the great molds! :) please make a LOL Emoji thank you!

Hi! Of course, we will working on it

Your design it´s ready

Hi there! Please make a shamrock mold like this. Thank you!

The baby bat

hi ,we have already updated the design, please let us know how it worked for you.

Hi these pieces fit together to tight to be used as a mold iv tried adjusting the settings a few times but it won’t work

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, could you tell me what figure you are talking about?

Hello! Can you please make a western collection? Cowboy boots, gun, and hat? Like this please

Hi again! Please make an ASL love sign like this?? Thank you :)

Hi, of course, we will send you a message when it’s ready

Hiii! Please make one piece bunny nose like this? Thank you!

Hi, we will working on this, thank you for your ideas

Hello! Can you please make a Philadelphia Eagles bath bomb? Like a football with the eagles on it or a helmet with the eagles on it? Thank you!

  • 1 j’aime

Hi, we will working on this, thanks

Hi can the pickacu mold be used for vacuum forming?

  • 1 j’aime

Hi, we will working on this, thanks

Hi, we will working on this

Hi! Can you please make toast slices and waffles that will fit in the toaster that you made? Thank you!

Thank you for let us know your ideas, we will work on your request

Hi again! I love everything you make. Thank you so much! Can you please make this burn book?? Thank you so much!!

Hi, we're glad you liked them, we'll work on your new design

Hi, apologies, we have just returned from holidays , we will work on your designs as soon as possible.

Hello again, Your desing is ready :)

Hi can you please add more words to go with your Bae heart mold? Words like: HUGS, I LOVE YOU, XOXO, BFF, LICK IT, HOT STUFF, GO AWAY, EWW, STUPID CUPID, FCK OFF

Hi, thank you for your ideas, we will working on this

Hi again! Please make a toaster mold like this? Thank you!

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Hello! Please make these 4 bath bombs, single molds please. Thank you!!

We will be happy to work on the design

Good day. ME again. Can you design a diamond ring mold like the one in this picture please?

Hiii (: please make a snow monster bath bomb mold like this: thank youuu!

We will be happy to work on the design