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@Wabby Stange. I just printed it at 0.16 resolution, and at 0.2 and both of them the axle does not lock in like the PDF instructions say. Not sure what I am doing wrong!

@drsprite : Hello and thanks for purchasing. I have never heard of any issue with the assembling. Nothing special about the resolution (all parts are designed to be printed in standard resolution : 0.2mm or less). Please download the assembling instructions for more details (see the Dropbox link in the product description).

Hi I bought the cars and track set. What resolution do you print the tires, axle and base at? I cannot get the axle to snap in - it keeps falling out.

@designedxclint : Thank you and yes, you can contact me on my website (link in my profile) for special license.

I really like your products. Is there any way you would let me print and sell the finished product in my store?

@nerissacheung : You can try the free marble run block sample to know the dimensions of a block. Most of the block are about 40mm large (perfect square) and 20mm height. There are some double blocks (so you can print it) and only one triple block in the extension pack (about 120mm lenght). I hope it helps.

Hi, id like to ask what is the biggest printing part for the marble blocks..this is because my printer can print small objects only im limited to 90mm x 100mmx 110mm please let me know so i can purchase

Hey, I bought your marble run blocks but couldn't download them. The cash i used s gone from my account and i don't have the models, I something went wrong while i payed and my cash just dissapeared whithout giving me the models. If you could help it would be awesome.

Hey Wabby,

I work with Slant 3D. We are a high volume 3D printing manufacturer in the United States. We are always looking for new products from designers such as yourself to manufacture for the general consumer market. Your marble tracks caught my eye.

We would like to license the design for the marble tracks. If you give permission, we would first attempt a Kickstarter with your design. If successful you would receive a percentage of the funds from that campaign. And then, you would continue to receive royalties on the product if we decide to continue to produce the sets in channels beyond the kickstarter.

If this is of interest to you please respond to me at and we can go over more details.

I hope you will consider this. This is one of the best marble track designs I have seen that is 3D printable.


Gabe Bentz