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Thanks for the purchase! The Cults admins have assured me that once a purchase is made you can go back and download unlimited times to include updates. I am pretty sure the update is just a change to the magazine retention. If you can't download it please contact them so that they can fix it. If they cant help send me an email, in bio, and I will send you the update.

I taught myself autocad while on deployment to Iraq in 2005. I am a Combat Engineer and my roommate at the time was a surveyor. I mostly used it to draw plans for the buildings I constructed over the years. I started using Fusion 360 two years ago before I got my first 3d printer. I actually bought my first printer to print the 1911 model. I learned most of everything I know from YouTube, Lars Christenson look him up.
I modeled the XDS from my gun and the 1911 from my wife's gun. The others I did off of pictures and measurements found online. If you can get me some measurements,in milimeters, and pictures of the rail I may be able to add it.

Hey i bought the xd model a while back, and im checking our your page again ( nice work btw on the new models.. i have a real xdm-elite.. maybe make one of those? haha.. that or add the rail on the bottom so i can attach a laser pointer ).

I did see however you updated the model a bit. Can i get a link to the updated model since ive purchased already? Or does each update require a new purchase? Im not super savvy on this site and just wondered. I have no problems supporting awesome makers but just wanted to know.

Thanks and keep up the great work. Howd you get started in modeling? Im trying to teach myself and using tinkercad etc.. any tips on good software to use? Im assuming you went to school or learned in the service ( wasnt really available to me being on a m1a1 and in a combat unit.. to busy sending big bullets downrange )


Love your prints buddy. Keep it up.

I like your rubberband guns very well. Best the WW3D 1911R RUBBER BAND GUN.
Would you please give me a Black Friday discount for this gun.

Many thanks.

Best regards

Thank You for Your Service. Semper Fi!

Hi, is there a way to contact you directly?