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Can you add a sliced version of the Wolverine mask

Hello! Great prints by the way, iam curious I have to do part by part for the mask and iam currently printing part 4 of 8 and they don't seem to piece together, or line up is there any tricks I could do to get this to work for me ( using a ender 3) thanks!

Sorry it's the deathstroke mask

Hello, The other day I downloaded the Boba Fett concept helmet. I'm having trouble with part 15, the file is zipped.
Thanks for your time.

hi what kind of printer did you use ?

Hello VillianousPropShop,
I was wondering if I may have your permission to sell printed copies of your Wolverine Mask. Or if you sold permissions to do so. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Can you help teach me how to make my own print models? I'm 16 and making my own characters and my own show but I have no help, been looking for artists and ways to improve my art for animation and printing.

Hey, just curious if anybody has printed your Blood Dragon Mass Effect Helmet and if so, when printing did you use custom supports and where did you need them most . Iam wanting to print this as my first large print and i am unsure how much support structure is needed as i have seen other helmet models, eg Mandelorian helmets able to print with almost none.

Do you have any restrictions on your files?

Do you have any restrictions on your files?


I want to purchase this file but before purchasing i want to know that how much time will it take to 3d print and material will consume ?


Hi bought one of your files to print for a client. Very happy with it. Will definitely give you first look if someone enquires about other files.
Have a video if you want to watch or use. Mentioned you too.

Hi i just ordered the redhood pistols modle and it wont let me download it says its a dangrouse file?

Hi i just ordered the redhood pistols modle and it wont let me download it says its a dangrouse file?

Hi I recently bought the MK11 Scorpion Mask from your page. I'm currently struggling to get it to slice to gcode. It will load so much and then just stop. Any help would be appreciated.

I purchased one of the helmet designs and my printer is having a hard time printing such a big object. Could you split up the file for me?



can I sell prints from your phase 2 clone helmet i will provide link in my description I will also be sanding and painting the print

My payment went through for the fortnite gun. $12.09 on PayPal.

I would like to know how to have a smooth appearance when the helmet is in several parts. I glued all the parts, I sanded, applied resin, primer and finally paint. But I still see the separations of the different parts of the helmet.
How do you have a smooth look like it's in one part?
Thanking you

Hello there, great work on the masks, very impressive stuff! I was trying to download the Over Watch Genjo mask but rather than initiate the download it comes up with an error page. Is there a way to get the files for the Genji mask to print?

Thanks in advance,

hi! im wondering if you would be interested in ever making a slavic god statue of perun? thanks!

plz, need a tuto video of making of helmett kylo ren plz, i debute to fusion360

The Vader Mask, is really nicely done, I use Solidworks to design with, and would like to modify the mask some, is there any chance of getting an .stp/,step file of the design? Cheers Mike

Do you design and print these for the price listed or do you charge differently for print design and for printing the mask itself ??