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Attention les amis, il ne s'agit pas d'une messagerie privée mais bien d'un fil de discussion public. C'est un lieu d'échanges, merci de rester courtois et respectueux. Toutes sollicitations commerciales ou malveillantes sera supprimée. Si vous évoquez un design en particulier, n'hésitez pas à ajouter dans votre message le lien ou à donner le titre du modèle afin que la conversation puisse être correctement orientée. Si vous souhaitez joindre des photos au sein de votre message, n’hésitez pas à téléverser vos images sur un service d’hébergement d’images en ligne gratuit comme Imgbb et à copier / coller les liens de vos images dans votre commentaire. Bonne discussion !

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Love your things and was wondering if you have any discounts or package deals, there are several that I would love to print out.
Thanks, Dee

Thank you for visiting our page!
Glad you liked the models :)
We are sending you an email!

Hola! tenes algun pack por muchos de tus diseños para vender? son muy hermosos todos!!!!

Hi, JNOTHEISZ! I discovered the reason of the problem. I made a zip with all the files and I think it was too big, so the upload didn't work. Now, I upload each side chess separately. Give me you email or send an email to and I'll send you all the chess files and a gift. I am really sorry.

Hi, JNOTHEISZ! Thanks for the purchase and sorry that the jpgs were not as you wanted. I'm really sorry, I saw here that the website file was wrong. I'm fixing it and I will send you the correct ones by email. Can you send me your email so I can send all the files?

I just purchased your entire cats and dogs chess set... Im not impressed. Two jpegs in a folder is not okay. Can you fix this ASAP, my spring break camp starts in 12 hours and I need these for one of my students projects.

Hi, Andrea,

Glad you liked the pots! Thanks!
Regarding the commercial license, please contact us by email



Dear Sir, we are interested in your cute owl and animal planters. We are 3D printers based in Italy and we have a shop online selling 3d printed planters only on order- We would kindly ask your permission to buy your model and sell 3D printed items derived from your great model. We will put in our description your name and links as the owner of the model Copyright. Thank you for your attention,

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