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Здарово. Этот пистолет простой муляж и ничем он не стреляет.

Hola, tengo una duda sobre la pistola makarov ¿es capas de disparar o solamente es una réplica?

Hey. Write your email, I will answer you. There you write what you want.

Hello, can you tell me how to print it? Have you printed it?
the tests I have done leave many marks on the piece.
Can I send you an email to send me the cut haze or tell me how to print it? Thank you

Hey. This model is quite complicated to print. you can cut it, as it will be convenient for you, and print it in parts, it is possible in two halves. If you do not know how to do this, then write, I will cut you.

hola, ¿Cuál es la mejor forma para imprimir el "SOPORTE DE AURICULARES. DARTH VADER"? me gustaría saber como usar los mínimos soportes para no dejar marcas en la pieza. Gracias.

Hey. If I understood correctly, I made a file for you. If something is wrong, then I will fix it. Write where you can forward it.

Hi is it possible to resize the TUBE FOR LORICARIOIDEA OF CATFISH i was hoping to print on around 100mm L x 50mm H x 40mm H as a newcomer to 3d printing i am having difficulty achieving this thank you
regards scott