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Hey there! Hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out because I saw a vendor on Etsy was selling one of my models on Etsy outside of private use, and then noticed they were selling one of yours too!

Here's the listing:

And if you're not aware with the etsy reporting on unauthorized IP use it's here:

Out of curiosity, since I haven't sold many of the model they're abusing from me, is there a way we could compare buyers so I can narrow it down to report them to cults as well?
someone stole your model, just so you know.
someone stole your model

We love the articulated baby axolotl so much, would you consider making the same model that isn't articulated, we'd buy it in a second :)

Just purchased. Is there a way to print the shoes separately? like in the picture?

Nevermind. I figured it out.

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Hey! I was wondering when your Christmas tree would be available to download?

Hi! I just posted the tree with legs

Joe Telling showed off your Christmas tree and I LOVE IT! When will it be released on cults or is it a patreon exclusive?

HI! SORRY! I lost notification of the messages I received here, I just posted the tree with legs

Love your models . Just curious if you might have a Christmas tree in the works with the legs ? i think that would be awesome .

Thank you very much! The Christmas tree is almost ready!

I got both the ghost and candy corn and love them. Thank you! It would be awesome if you made a turkey (for Thanksgiving) and a Christmas tree in the same style. And any other holiday you can think of. I'd get them all. Haha.

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Thank you very much!

Hi how can i download the STL file of ZOU GHOST. AND HOW TO AMOUNT

Hey! here at Cult3D all the models you buy are at this link

Hi, I still can't find the keychain in my downloads please could you send it to me? Also, can't seem to print the normal ghost at 100% without the ghost's right leg falling off at two points just above the shoe and above the sock. I have done a temp test and I am using silk white PLA I have slowed down the print speed and that has helped on the finish but struggling to keep its leg attached. Have you any advice and would love the keyring download. Thank you in advance.

Hello! clear! on cults3D you can find your downloads here( if you can't find it send me an email and I'll send the file to you
You can use 20% infill or more and check if your filament is damp.
I let some filaments get wet to use in tests and I've seen that printing with filaments like this looks better with infill. But even if your filament is not like this you can use 20% infill as some PLA filaments have a lower adhesion between the layers.
If you are already using infill send me your settings by email and I'll help you solve this problem

i downloaded the file but it would not open

Hello! what slicer are you using? check if the file is getting corrupted at the time of download, anything message me and I'll solve it

Thanks. I saw it come thru and I got the refund. Look for my Patreon Join in the next few days. I'm wondering would it be ok to wait until Nov 1 so I am not paying for a month and getting 4 days or is there a benefit to going ahead now and paying again Nov 1? Are there models besides the Ghost with Legs? Or do I need to do it now to get the rights to sell Prints of the Ghost? I'll await your answer and look forward to joining Tower of Creation on Patreon either now or on Nov 1 depending on your answer. Thanks again. BlueSky Creatives. On Twitter @BlueSkyCreativesAL or on FB at eBay and Etsy with that same user name too. More Socials coming soon. :-)

Hey! You can hope November 1st will be better! if the models are not there send a message on Pateron saying you are friends with Nicolas (Tower Of Creation).
As we created ZOU3D in August of this year we are going to change the time of availability of 3D models, we want to leave at least 2 months available, so that people have more models to print once they come in

Hi, I am new to this site and to 3D printing i bought this ghost and there was two version normal and a key ring version I can no longer see where the keyring version is for downloading.

Hello!Here at cults3D, your files are on your Downlods page there you can download the folder that comes with all versions

Hi unfortunately I can no longer see it in my downloads only the ghost with legs not the ghost with legs keychain. Please can you help?

Sure! Cult3d may be undergoing some update, you can send me an email and I'll send it to you (

PM me a response on the refund by messaging my Profile? Is that more private than comments on the Model File? maybe not... Really eager to Join Your Patreon and legally sell your model(s). Thanks.

Hey! I issued the refund here on cults3D they don't explain very well how it works, but if there are any problems let me know and I'll solve it

Hello, we spoke previously. I would like the refund we discussed from my Cults purchase and to join the Patreon to enable me to SELL the Ghost with Legs please. How do we proceed.

Hi friend! I'll look here on cults3D how I do it, send me a message if everything works!

Ok, I paid w PayPal but see no refund of Cults3d purchase of ghost w Legs yet. When I see it I sign up thru Patreon. I already have a Patreon account for others I sponsor. TIA

hello im writing to you to ask you about selling printed model of your zou ghost? Please reply Regards ;)

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Hey! Sorry for taking so long to respond! All our friends who are subscribed to our Patreon community can sell the printed models, so we can make more cool models

Hello! he has permission he is our friend from the community we have on patreon! thank you so much!

Am train to buy the file but I can prosses the payment

Trying to print the ghost design, have printed 7 and each on the left leg breaks off in the middle of the leg. Why?

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Maybe it's the temperature control of the material, some materials have lower strength, this varies a lot according to the manufacturer. You can increase the infill and see at what temperature the material is best deposited

I've printed DOZENs, No problem with the File. Maybe a problem with Level Bed or other printer snafu. GL.

Hey Love the Ghost you designed and so does my entire family! Was wondering if you would be interested in designing a Christmas Tree like this? if you do commissions id gladly pay!

People in our community want this model

Yes, they do. Would love to sell it to them but I need a refund here on so I can turn around and Join Your Patreon, please... I am following you on Patreon so you can see I am a serious Small Business.

Hi my name is Jason and im one pf your customers. I was wondering If I could get permission form you to sell you model online. If I have to I can give you some of the profit If you need me to.

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Thank you very much!

Hi my name is alex and I would like to sell your model in a non profit business. I will give you money from the sells If I need to. Hope you have a great day.

Very cool your project, just send an email to with this message, talking about your project


I had heard about this print through Uncle Jessy on YouTube. I did a search on because I couldn't remember which site, he said you were on, but I happened to come across this and thought you should know. Hopefully it is taken down already, but I am new to Thingiverse and I do not know how to report things.

Thank you very much!