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Thanks, I have reported it

so i bought the doom slayer model and it gave me the files but there was no model in the folder, I need this answered today.

can i have a refund?

The model has been up for 2 years if there was a problem I would have known about it a long time ago but to be sure I just downloaded it myself with no issue at all. You said it gave you the files, but also that there's no model in the folder, only one of those can be true either you got an empty folder or you have the model. If the download didn't complete properly the first thing to try is redownloading it. If you still have issues you'll have to contact me via my email with screenshots showing what you mean so I can help you.

Greetings, what is the scaling do you recommend?

Hi, I'm not sure what you mean, all of my miniature files are pre-scaled to 32mm, if you mean the large ones which are too big I am adding custom scaling adjustment info for them to my FAQ as soon as I can, possibly even today

Excuse me, what I wanted to ask, what is the maximum scaling I can do, if I want to print the figure at 30 centimeters, is it possible?

That is answered in the FAQ on the non-miniature use page (

Hello, Greetings, what is the scaling do you recommend

I’m interested in your brumak file for gears of war, is there anyway you can make a cut and keyed version at a higher price?

Hi, it's possible but you'll have to contact me via the email contact on my profile

hello, greetings, I really like your work with those minis you make. Yesterday I bought a pack of the CGO but I've been looking for a pack with some locus for my collection, could you put together a pack of 5 and give me a price??
thank you in advance!!

Hi, you'll want to check out the bulk discount part of the FAQ linked in the descriptions, unfortunately only 5 isn't bulk so for that they would have to be purchased normally

Tai kaliso tortured?

I didn't update it and have never sold it publicly, you'll have to contact me privately via email if you're interested

Hello, i cant find your models from stalker game( how i can download it?

Hi, I took down my Stalker models temporarily to update them (pre-scaling etc like my other models), I'm quite busy so I don't have a timeline for when they'll be back but hopefully not too long!

Maybe you can get old models?

Are you thinking about adding drivers models for the vehicles like the ghost or the mongoose?

It's something I've been asked about before and is totally possible with a basic marine/minor unit made for the purpose but I won't have time for the foreseeable future so unless it's commissioned it's unlikely to happen.

I guess someday i will have to ask for that comission! Your models are the best ones i've found and will be definetely a purchase sooner than later!

Hello, do you have any more unsc vehicles in the making? Rhino, Grizzly and Vulture etc.

Hi, I have no plans for any Halo Wars vehicles unless commissioned as I only have time for commissions, if you wish to inquire about that possibility my email contact is below my profile description or in the description of any of my models

Brothers Carmine ?

Not included because I intend to make new better models of them specifically, however I'm very busy with commissions so I don't know when that will happen tbh.

Note: There was a troll fouling up the message page, sorry to anyone who saw it, they were reported and their comments removed by Cults after being identified as obvious and baseless trolling. Additionally I have added a FAQ ( to the description of all my models.

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Hey, me again :)
Just wanted to say I appreciate message from before, as I said I managed the Falcon over several prints and I'll post it as a 'Make' on the file's page once it's all finished getting painted. In fact, I've bought loads of the Halo files and they're all fantastic, I'm building an army out of them.

I love the fact that the models are based off of the Reach art style, it's my favourite out of all the games visually. But I noticed you also did a Grifball set with Halo 3 Spartans and Elites. I'm praying this is something of a 'dipping your toe in the water' situation on your part, because the one thing that would absolutely make my Halo army would be some more unique Spartans (I've already bought all your other ones lol).

One thing I would absolutely love to see, and purchase immediately if it happened, would be for you to release some more Halo 3 inspired models. Stuff like the Hayabusa set, recon set, and Mjolnir armours from other games/lore, like the Mk4 that the Spartans wear in Halo Wars.
Also while I'm being cheeky and requesting stuff - releasing some Halo 3 art style ODST models would be the equivalent of just doing a direct transfer from my bank account to yours :D

All this aside, love your work, please keep it up because the prints are worth every penny I've spent so far.

Hi, thanks, most of my modelling time goes to commissions now so although I would have liked to tackle some more Halo at some point it's looking unlikely unfortunately. If you're interested in the possibility of commissioning any of these models you mention feel free to get in touch at and we can discuss it

Hi there, I love your Halo models and I'm using them to build an army. I was wondering if you could please give me some more details on some of your vehicle files? Specifically the Falcon and Warthog:

I was wondering if these files come with the models as an all-in-one print, or in components? Also I was wondering, if they are all-in-one, would they be able to be printed on an ELEGOO Mars Pro 2 (Build Platform 129 x 80 x 160 mm)?

I love your models, but I'd hate to spend nearly £8 on a file I won't be able to print/will have to scale down. So I'd really appreciate it if you could answer these questions :)

Hi, all my models are a single piece as it says in the description, also they're 32mm true scale so big stuff will probably have to be scaled down to your preferred size which is as easy as changing a number in the slicer. I don't know what the ideal adjustment for tabletop would be so I leave them at full size. The Warthog definitely fits but the Falcon is about 30mm too big in two dimensions, and the Pelican is a very big boi at 500mm though I certainly wouldn't print it that large.

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Thanks. I ended up splitting the falcon into 4 separate prints and assembled it afterwards. Warthog worked a treated

Hi might I ask what has happened to the gears of war models I was looking toward to buying some and when I came back they were taken down did something happen to them?

Hi, I am replacing all of them over the next week or two so removed the old ones. This is because I'm updating them with pre-scaling and fixing minor issues etc.

Hola, han desaparecido algunos modelos de Gears of War, los vas a volver a subir?? Muchas gracias

Hi, I am replacing all of them over the next week or two so removed the old ones.


Three months ago, I bought a stalker set (21 models) from you.
Question: Is it possible to get models separately from the base? Together they are very inconvenient to print

Hi, I almost always print with bases attached (for me separate is inconvenient lol) which is why they were initially this way, unfortunately for these older models I didn't make baseless versions however I will be updating them soon along with my other old models and including baseless versions as well as pre-scaling them to 32mm. You will know when this happens because the previews will change. In the meantime if you want to remove a base this method can be used in Blender:

Make sure in Edit>Preferences>Add-ons that Object: Bool Tool is activated and save preferences (import/export: STL format too if it isn't by default)
drop-down menu top left change to object mode if it isn't already
hold ALT+middle-click and move the mouse to snap to front or side in orthographic (flat) view, shift+middle-click to move position on screen
top left, add>mesh>cube
shift+space for menu select transform, move the cube underneath the base to the centre using the arrows for each axis outside the white circle, then make it larger and thicker than the base you want to remove using the squares inside the blue circle for each axis
move it over top of the model so that it covers the base completely up to where you want to remove it
while the cube is selected shift+click the model, the model should be outlined in orange while the cube became outlined in red
press ctrl+shift+b, select 'difference' from the menu
the base should disappear leaving behind a flat surface on the bottom of the feet etc where it was
Then it is as simple as File>Export>Stl(.stl) which should export it back to .stl at the same size it was imported (I think)

hola, quiero descargarme el archivo de minh kim de gear of war, y quiero saber si esta por parte el archivo para poder hacerlo lo mas grande que pueda en mi elegoo saturn. gracias un saludo

Purchased the Doom slayer toy model, the bottom of the helmet part feels off they aren't really symmetrical in a sense. Couldn't tell from the picture alone since its 1 sided

Hello, I am wondering if the locust models work well on a miniature scale. (Roughly 3.5mm)

3.5cm not mm

Yes I've seen customers print them as miniatures many times. Soon when I have time I will be updating my Gears models for my website including pre-scaling them to 32mm scale and smaller file sizes.

Will you be selling the physical 3D printed models as well?

I plan to in the future, but I'm waiting for a particular kind of printer I want just for miniatures to get very high quality results. In the meantime using an online printing service like craftcloud3d is an option

Hi im from colombia
I Need the Berserker GOW its only for academical proposal

You can sell me the stl in 5 €


Models in the STALKER set of poor quality for 3D printing (for money!!!)
Not separated, very complex configuration and, at the same time, low quality models (low-polygonal). Because of this, a large number of artifacts and islands.
Most likely, the models were never printed, otherwise they would not have been laid out with such quality.
Snork - the hose from the mask is very thin, looks like a funny proboscis of a mosquito, and not a hose of a gas mask.
The models of fighters have excessive detail of weapons because of which the details are very, very thin even in the size of 100mm (trigger brackets, trigger hooks, etc.). Details are obtained thick from the hair and do not hold.
Exoskeleton is actually something monstrous! A bunch of 360-degree thin tubes! At least they would divide the model into 3-4 parts!
That's just what I've discovered.

Unfortunately I can't do anything about your lack of experience and knowledge or not paying proper attention to the previews which obviously show what the models look like. I have personally printed half of the Stalker models myself where they came out amazing, including the Exoskeleton, and have photos of both that and the Bloodsucker on my Instagram showing their detail. Why would I divide models into parts? I print them as a single piece with zero issues so why make it harder and add more work, there's no point. There are no artefacts or islands, unless you're calling a very expensive piece of professional software and hundreds of successful prints wrong, the fact that you can't recognise common false positives speaks to your inexperience. I admit my models aren't for baby's first prints, however myself and multiple customers I've been in contact with have learned how to print using them so they're not really that difficult either.

I know that there is strangely no direct way to contact a creator on Cults which I think is unacceptable for a site with paid models, however if you had looked on this page or even done the simplest of google searches you would have found me (or my FAQ) and been able to ask for my help with understanding printing/slicing/modelling as I am very active in communicating with customers, instead of making a negative public comment only serving to show how new you are.

"Unfortunately I can't do anything about your lack of experience and knowledge or not paying proper attention to the previews which obviously show what the models look like..." Excellent way to make a good impression when running a business. Hope you find a way to work on your anger and arrogance.

There were no files on Victor Hoffman Summer Gears of War 3D Model STL File 3D Print i purchased

Just tried it myself everything is working normally, if you need help with using archives I have instructions in my FAQ (

Hi. Do you also make Gears 4 and/or Gears 5 Characters? Would love to get a nice Gears Collection but if possible from all parts. Thanks in advance

Hi, I have some G4 models over on my primary Etsy store if you want to check them out! TheSTLSmith same as here

Hi, I wolud like know if Anya could have a gnaser as weapon.


It would be possible to commission an alternate variation of the model over on Etsy, but otherwise I have no plans to create any variations.