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hi, i love your models and i have also bought some of them, i was wondering if you will ever sculpt the model of the ironhead squat of necromunda.

They are on my long term list, so yes, I will eventually get around to them!

Hey, EG! First, thanks for the amazing work and for keeping us posted with all your updates. You're definitely one of the top makers out there. Hey quick question about scaling. I can't remember where I read it, but I think you mentioned your new emberfolk warriors are better scaled and that other models might be 5% on the bigger side. Is that right? Thanks for all the hard work. I'm looking forward to seeing your vehicles.

Thanks! Yes the Emberfolk Fighter v2 set is now spot on for scale. The other sets are about 5-7% too big and should be scaled down a tad if you want to match the reference material

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hi your back pack file is huge and i cant size down any ideas love your work

Which one specifically? I just dropped both the medic backpack and regular backpack into lychee (supported and unsupported) and both were scaled right. I also know a bunch of folks have printed it without issue. Maybe check your scaling settings or restart your slicer? Also worth trying lychee if your using Chitubox. Let me know if you still can't get it to work.

Hey Greeble! Incredible stuff, I just purchased a few units. I'm sure you are sick of us asking.... Any kind of ETA on the medium transport (Sagi)? I seriously can't wait to buy it!

Thanks, hopefully you enjoy the units you grabbed! As for the next vehicle, it's probably still 3-4 weeks out as I'm working on a Jarl upgrade set right now in line with the anniversary edition that was recently revealed.

Hey Greeble, I am really looking forward to using your new Emberfolk, and I know you have just finished them and I really really hate to ask, but is there any chance of a closed helmet head option? For those of us who really hate (read: are terrible at) painting faces.

I'll work up a closed helmet this afternoon and try to get it uploaded as this specific request seems very popular

The closed helmet has been added!

Hi TheExoticgreeble, I have purchased almost all of your Dwarf set, very stoked, my one question is on the Emberfolk pack, I only see two body types from what appear to be the older style, am I missing a folder for the new versions you mentioned? Thanks!

The new files are in a .zip folder, it should be at the very end of the file list! Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

Thank you sir, I found it!

Hi, I wanted to ask if you had a Patreon account, and if not, if I purchased your full set for the Emberfolk packs, would you have a bundle discount? Thank you!

I don't have a Patreon account, but you can follow me for updates on Ko-Fi (Link in Cults3D profile) All of my sets are separate and currently there aren't any bundle discounts.

Hi TheExoticgreeble, I am interested in purchasing your entire dwarf themed set, but wanted to wait until you have the updates you are mentioning in various comments I am seeing, do you know when this will be?

Your work looks amazing, are you planning to make any of the two larger vehicles from the faction later?

Thank you!


The main update for the Emberfolk fighters (what I've been referencing) has 2 parts. The first part is already released (legs, body and backpack rework) see the V2 photos in that set for reference. The second part will be released tomorrow (arms, accessories, heads, etc.) and with that, the set rework will be completed.

Thank you! Last question, do you have a Patreon we can subscribe to?

I don't but you can follow me for updates on Ko-Fi (link in my Cults3D profile)

That looks awesome! If you get a chance, post a make to the Wodfolk Expolrer set so other folks can see the results as well!

I do that after all 4 are done. I just got the Driller and Gunner printed. Just gotta print the Engineer, the firearms and glue the magnets for a WIP

Hey Exoticgreeble, I bought a bunch of your space-dwarf stl's but I have a bunch of fails when I print both the wildmen and the explorers. my settings should be right and I have no problem with other prints, but with your models it seems that the tiny supports throughout the print, is too weak to support it properly and so the print fails in numerous areas.
have you printet these models yourself? perhaps some more heavy and medium supports would help the presupported models print better?

I have printed out the models (see pictures on the design page) as well as many others (see makes). That being said I included the lychee files for the Wildmen for this scenario so you should be able to adjust the supports as needed and re-slice the files.
Some folks had success by changing the tip size an everything or adding supports were pieces failed. Keep in mind, with colder weather you'll need to increase you exposure time a tad to compensate. As for the explorers, many folks have also printed those successfully (check the makes). You can add additional supports if your specific setup doesn't quite work with my pre-supported files.

Those Stormfolk are looking incredible!

They should be released in a few days!

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Looking forward to it! Got lots of your bits sat in my basket currently for a Christmas project :D

By chance are you planning on coming out with the other vehicles for the dwarves? If so your designs are amazing i have gotten all of the dwarve units!

Yes I am! I'm currently working on the exo-skeleton armored folks (Tordeyr Stormfolk) and after that I'll start work on the vehicles.

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Any plans on doing the sagitaur? Thanks

After the Tordeyr Stormfolk, that'll be the next kit I work on.

Any plans to do the Thunderkin?

Check out my Ko-Fi account (link in Cults3D Profile) for some work in progress shots of them. They are well underway!

Heyo, I love your models and wanted to get in touch with you do you have a discord I could reach you with. Thanks and keep up with the squat goodness.

emailing me (see my cults3D profile) is the easiest way to get ahold of me.

Awesome job ! Bought all your models and can't wait for Brokhyr one ! Keep it up !

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words!

Love your work but the bikes appear to not have a left handed option but one of you models for bikes is Left handed

Mirror the arms in your slicer!

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Thanks I am new to printing wasn't sure how that worked

Hi there loving the models thus far. Ran into one issue though. I purchased all the Squat models but the Jarl stl does not appear. I see it on the invoice but at 0 bytes so there is nothing to download. Any help would be appreciated.

Please and thanks.

I've had a lot of folks purchase the set and even print it out at this point. It might be worth deleting your browser cache and retrying the download. The Jarl is the first set I put in a .7z zip file so I can organize everything. Perhaps that has something to do with it? If that doesn't work I can see about sending you the files separately.

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I did as you suggested and a few others things but the Jarl remains lost to me.

Shoot me an email with your email and I'll send you over the files (email in cults profile) it may take a few days as I'm in the woods away from my computer so I'll get them over to you when I get back

I emailed you a link to the files, let me know if that works for you!

Hello, I have bought the motorcycle file and there are several damaged files
Steelkin Head.stl
Big Gun.stl
Head - Gunner Mohawk and Beard.stl

I just did a quick double check of all the files and the steelkin head has no issues, The other two are false positives, but if you're using Lychee you can use the "repair" function and they turn blue and remove any errors. Either way I've had hundreds of folks print these out without issue, so you should be good to go.

The problem is not with lychee, the problem is directly that these three files do not load correctly and cannot be opened.
Not with 3dbuilder, not with any program.
I have downloaded the compressed file again, in case it is a cults error, but it is not the case

Not even in the preview does it load them

Hmmm let me see if I can find a way to directly send you the files

At first I thought it would be a windows problem, but something similar happens on mac. It previews it but doesn't load it

Thanks for your time

I suppose that with the .lys I will have no problem and I will export it without supports

If you want, I'll give you my email pernas.victor @

I've sent you an email with a direct link to the three files above. They are still uploading but should be done about an hour after this message is sent.

I have received the files but they keep giving me the same problem, I am not able to open them with any program. With .lys it does open it, but it has supports and if you remove them, when working with a free version, it keeps the base. Although I can easily remove that in 3dbuilder. So if it's not a problem, I'd appreciate those three files in a .lys. It's even worth all three together in the same file. Thank you very much

I have uploaded a lychee scene to the same folder with the three 3D models inside it.

Hey Great work!! I was wondering if you have plans on designing the Brohkyr iron ones from Votann as well

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I do indeed, they are next on the list!

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im Looking to be able to just print dome of the gravity pads with mounts from the WODFOLK EXPLORER bikes. for a project to turn other space dwarves vehicles to hoovering. would it be possible for you to separate the gravity pads and mounts from them and put up as a separate file? I would be happy to pay a couple of € for that file. (I am not so good at things like blender yet)

I can look at separating them out and will add them to the set when complete.

Hello, first of all: really great models! I'm really excited about the models! Seldom seen so close to the original and well done STLs. So far I have bought all the STL files. Even with the risk that the question has already been asked: Will you and when will you do Brôkhyr Thunderkyn (heavy support) here for STLs? Many thanks and greetings from Switzerland

Yes I will do them and they are still about 4-5 weeks out as I have 2 more releases before them in the current schedule.

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Did you see the new original release of the Cthonian Beserks ? There are 2 little things on bases two mole grenade models maybe.

Do you plan to do the sagituar too?

I did see the little things but am not quite sure what they are used for. I can put them on my list to model up if they are indeed useful. I do plan to model the smaller transport after the model on foot are completed.

Hey bud, your work is amazing! Keep it up :)

Much appreciated, I'll keep at it!

Your models are really great.
Are you planning to make the proxy for Tennekog Brokhyrs too?

I am indeed, they are on the list!

Great !!
Expected release date ?

3-4 weeks most likely

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Cool !!

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