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Hi there,
first i wanna say that i love your work. Thumbs up !!!
I have a question:
Will you make different round Bases for Wargaming? Would be great with Shanty or ruins toppers. From 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm..... Bases high ca 4 or 5 MM Plus the topping. Hope you will make it. Or maybe give me a tip how i can make it. Private Message is ok for me

Dear Markus, Im watching your amazing works and you are the modeler that i need.
Sorry if my english is bad. Im watching for someone who can modeler a monument from my country, It's a big stone into the sea called "piedra de la iglesia" from Constitucion, Chile. Im would like to print it in my Ender 3 and sell it in my country. I's like to know, can you help me? and how much is it?
Dear friend im hope you are good. thanks for what me messenge

You got skill with Steam Punk i would like to see you make a covid working mask youled be awsome

They are meant for 28mm. But for wargaming, scales are often exaggerated. This is didn't take into account early in my career. This means that you sometimes have to scale my models up.

Hi, compliments of the season. Just checking that your models are scaled for 28mm figures. Many thanks for making these available.

Almost all of my parts fit inside 200x200mm. Some fit inside 150x150.

what is the build size of the parts for your terrain - I am looking to buy a 2d printer but trying to judge what minimum size build plate I need to be looking at

I currently use a Prusa i3 Mk3 and a Prusa i3 Mk2.5S

Hi just wondering what printer you are currently using?