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anyway I can get that porphyry file fren?

Hi does the warlord print on mars 2 pro?

I've been going through the files getting them supported and ready to print, and I can't find the knee armor. Looks like the knee pins are in the download directory twice, but no knee caps. Is there any way we could get those uploaded? Cheers.

Hi ya bud I’ve messaged you on thingy about the knight poly please could you let Me know if there is somewhere I can download it or buy the stl cheers bud peace

someone told me that this might have some imperial knight files I'm interested in one of which is a acastus knight any reply would be great. thanks

Where can i buy your acastus knight porphyrion sir, have your battleduke pre olympian god and i love your work

Hey, I have recently seen something looking like Acastus Knight Porphyrion on one of the Facebook Warhammer groups, and been told that you may have something to do with it. Could you please contact me back?

I love your work.

Where can i still buy your acastus knight porphyrion

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i have messaged you on thingyverse about the Acastus Porphyrion and if you still have it available

Thank you

hello friend, your model is amazing, i'm looking forward the 3d file of warlord titan for months but i can't find it anywhere, can you please share it for me to my gmail : please @@


Do you have a professional email on which you contact ?

Best regards

Hi! are you still selling the files for your knight porphyrion?

Howdy, I would love to purchase the knight porphyrion from you. I've sent a message on thingiverse.

Hello, I wanted to inquire about the 4th Planet Battleduke Pre-Olympian God, I was wondering if that first picture is included in the STL files, or if its just the other robot in the picture.

Thanks for your time.

Sent you a pm on Thingiverse

Sent you a message on thinigverse.

Where can i still buy your acastus knight porphyrion?

Благодарю за отличную модель варлорда, начинал печатать его ещё с thingiverse, но потом потерял файлы из за смерти компютера.
Благодарю за отлично выполненную работу. Если будут дополнительные варианты вооружение, особо интересно пси копьё и альтарнативная голова. Готов вложится деньгами.

Ещё раз спасибо.

Hi there, I hear that you have a porphyrion knight file... any chance I can purchase it?
I bought your warlord file, such a great piece!

PM'ed on Thingi

PM' ed on Thingiverse