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hello good could you make the model suzuki katana 2020

hello good could you make the model suzuki katana 2020

Hello! I'm interested in your motorbike design but I print in 1/24 scale with a resin printer. Would it be possible to offer this in a file type that is mostly assembled? Or is the main parts assembled with the body fairings left separate? This looks like an amazing design but unfortunately it has much too many individual parts to reliably print in resin at a smaller scale. Even the partially assembled files in 1/12 would work as I can scale it down in my slicing software for my printer myself. Thanks so much for your time!

Hi @sicilia, thank you for the purchase.
I've added the parts as stl file as well.

Let me know if you have further issues

bonsoir, voila j'ai acheter votre dossier de moto bike mais malheussement j'ai des fichiers que je n'arrive pas a lire sur le programme je voulais savoir si il n'y aurai pas moyen de les convertir en stl pour que jarrive a les utiliser merci

@Randouken, I forgot to mention that with the 3d files come a detailed pdf manual for the assembly. There you'll find the magnets needed and where.

For a brief overview, you need 24 magnets that go from disks to blocks, all available at: or similar websites

The magnets are not strictly required for the assembly: they are used to replace glue making the design more modular and help some of the mechanism

Unfortunately, I don't sell the finished product at the moment, but the design is printable using services like

I was wondering if you could be a bit more specific as to which magnets are needed for the mecha wacom pen holder.
Also, you don't happen to sell printed models for those of us without 3D printers do you?

Merci pour le suivi