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Hi there,is the design for the a5 for the model 8T?

Hi there,is the stl for the audi a5 air vent for the A5 8T drivers side?

Thank you so much!!!

Yes. I’ll make one up today and post it on cults.

Is it possible to get a version of the Fuck 2020 ornament where the letters/numbers and the ornament are all 6mm in height? I'd like to print the ornament upside-down on my glass printbed to get a really smooth surface, but I can't do it because of the 1mm height difference between the text and design elements. I'm not sure how to try to fix this myself.

Thank tou! :-)

yes. feel free to sell the printed item in your webstore. not the file though.

Apologies, I should have clarified that I'd like to place them in my webstore...

Hello. I would like to download your F*ck2020 Christmas ornament design & sell 3D prints of the design. Rather than go ahead & do so, I would like to know if you are OK with this. I see a copyright symbol, so thought it would be polite to ask.

yes you can sell the finished product anywhere you would like! Thank you for you business

Hi there. Concerning your F%$k 2020 ornament I purchased, would it be ok for me to sell some of them to friends?