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5 commentaires

This is incredible! Your collection is amazing. I'm going to experiment with printing all of them. I'll share the results as time goes by.

  • 1 j’aime

Man!!!!! It is unbelievable what you are doing. As a life long Macross fan, I just wanted to show my appreciation to your effort, and the free distribution of your fan work.

  • 2 j’aimes

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for releasing this fan work for free. Too many "fans" try to monetize Macross IP, which is very harmful to the growth of the franchise. I make Macross fan figures, but have not yet decided how to release them. Any advice appreciated, since I am using MMD and XPS parts made by others.

  • 1 j’aime

Thank you! I would love to see your work. Unfortunately I can't help, as I'm not sure how to use MMD and XPS parts. I model all my work from scratch using Cinema4D. I release all my models as .STL files (single objects, not multiple pieces, since everyone has different uses for them).

Incredible work!! The best thing to do is to perhaps ask the designers for permission, after explain to them what you plan on doing. If someone built something from my free models, that would be fine with me, but I'd love to hear about it lol.

Do you have any plans of producing the Battloid versions of your Valkyries? Specifically your Metal Siren, VF-2SS and VF-2JA.
Thanks much!

  • 1 j’aime

I would love to build the gerwalk and battroid modes of some of the valks. It's something I plan on doing in the future, after I'm done modeling the fighter modes of some more obscure valks.

  • 1 j’aime

Thanks man!
You gave us an awesome treasure as a gift and I'm pretty sure everyone really appreciate it!

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