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Hello, can you do custom funko pop stl ? Thanks.

Hello, of course yes, I can make it completely personalized to your liking or requirement.

obviously the cost would be very different in a particular commission, but we do make customizations on request.

hola buenos dias, ¿cómo se imprime la máscara roja?

hola buenos días, cual mascara?

Me refiero a cual de ellas adquiriste y te da dificultad, para checarla y poderte ayudar.

MÁSCARA DE CAPUCHA ROJA / MASCARA DE CAPUCHA ROJA. Hola esta mascara, aun no la he comprado me gustaria antes saber como se imprime antes de comprarla, soy nuevo en esto y me esta costando empezar

ya ya se cual, pues mira, vienen dos piezas por separado, de preferencia ponlas paradas y agrega soportes custom.
ya si quieres enviame mensaje a mi instagram y checamos eso un poco mas a detalle en caso de tener mayor duda.

Hello, I was curious, would you be willing to do a commission piece and ship a finished product?

Hello, of course.
What do you have in mind?

The full size red hood helmet, but I would need the sides where it looks like an air filter would go, I would need just holes filled In with a mesh, and either a mesh or some sort of lenses where the eye holes go, and I would need it painted with a purple, closer to a deep purple, and then treated with some sort of gloss, if at all possible? :) sorry I'm being so specific, it's just a project piece for setting up for a streaming channel I'm working on, and the plan is for it to be a part of the image of the channel. How much would we be looking at for total cost of that with shipping?

Of course, if possible with all the specifications it requires, both in the breathing mesh, the eye lenses and the paint.
Where will the shipment be?
I am in Mexico- Puebla, I have already sent props to other countries.

If you want it to be an exclusive design for your channel project, I can work a detailed model for you under your specifications, to make it an original character, if you like.

I actually just changed my profile pic to it

if I see that, that is the design you have in mind.

a variance of it, but yes, I would need it painted purple however, and once painted, done in a gloss, so as to look like production quality, if at all possible.

Of course we can, I mainly make props.
Let me calculate the cost to give you the complete information.
where would it be shipped?

I'm going to give you my email so as not to post my address online :)

Very well, I sent you an email so that we can communicate better. my email is

I responded :)

Haven't heard from you in a bit, are you okay?

Hi, sorry for cutting off communication.
In fact, if my wife had an accident so my attention was focused on it for a long time, she's better now, she's in recovery, since she couldn't walk.
But everything is getting better now.

If you want we can communicate via intagram if you wish.
In case you still want us to carry out the helmet project.
My instaram profile where I make props is @Jack_all_props_taller if you like to write me there.

Hey man, I just bought the knighting and red hood mask and it only has the OBJ.text and not the actual files

Hello, an apology, I even just saw your message. You say you couldn't download the obj file from the red hood mask?

I already update the file, download it again and if it does not work, please let me know to solve it.

Hello! The Red Hood was Fixed but the Nightwing one only downloads an OBJTEXT file

Hola! He comprado tu máscara de la muñeca de El Juego del Calamar. ¿Qué tipo de soportes se necesitan para imprimirla correctamente? Muchas gracias.

Hola que tal, buena tarde, una disculpa, apenas veo tu mensaje.
que impresora tienes?. para poder ver el tipo de soportes que te convendrían.

Hola! Tengo una ender 5 plus. Gracias!


can I please have the step (.stp) files? or something that is not for 3d print.

Many thanks