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forageandforge, All my pieces are modeled from scratch, most of them using micrometrical measures. The only thing I know about 3d scanners for action figures is that they need to be med/high class for decent results, consumer class scanners are mediocre for detailed figures.

Are these scans or modeled from scratch? Do you know what is best for scanning action figures and then mesh clean up program?

rivadeneira777, what's the problem you've got? The downloaded files were corrupt? I found some duplicates in my designs collection. Please try again and then tell me.

Hi friend i buy merman trident but has an error when downloading and does not open.
Please help me

Hi! I've checked it out and you're right. I've updated the piece with the 2 obj files, please tell me if you can download it now.

Hello there, I purchased the full power sword for vintage/origins heman but I'm not able to find the guardless version. There's only one obj file. Let me know if I'm missing something. Thank you!